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New TaD ProLine Scenarios: DB BR 232 Ludmilla

TaD Box ArtBuilt in the Ukraine between 1970 and 1982, the BR232 (former DR Class 132) was originally brought into the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). The locomotives were part of the DR 130 family including the DR Class 130, 131 and 142. More than 700 units were produced in the former UdSSR and this engine was nicknamed the "Ludmilla". Drive this locomotive on Munich - Augsburg, Cologne - Dusseldorf and the Ruhr - Sieg Line in eight exciting scenarios.

Difficulty: 3/5  Realism: 4/5 , download version, multilingual

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  • TaD BR 232 Freight 1- Freight to the north
Drive a northbound train between Pasing and Augsburg.
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 2 - Kempten to Augsburg
You are driving a freight train coming from Kempten. As the line from Kempten to Munich isn't completely electrified, this service uses a diesel locomotive. 
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 3 - Night freight
Night freight service to Munchen, with a stop at Augsburg.
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 4 - Pick and go
A freight work around Dusseldorf and Cologne.
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 5 - Freight to Reisholz
Take a freight train to Reisholz. There you have to drop the wagons in different sidings. 
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 6 - Diesel on the hills
A simple run across the mountains to Hagen.The train is very heavy so be careful when driving at steep grades.
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 7 - Go south
On a very cold morning you have to drive this cargo until Siegen. Be very careful because the weather is bad.
  • TaD BR 232 Freight 8 - Cargo change
Take a tractors cargo to Kreuztal and then come back to Siegen with a mixed freight.



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