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New TaD Basic Line Scenarios: Berlin - Wittenberg Freight Trains

Drive long and heavy freight trains hauled by the classic BR 151*, the BR 120* or the BR 232* on Aerosofts Berlin - Wittenberg route. You will drive supply trains for the still "under construction" Airport BBI, container transports in dense traffic causing delays and even red lights or even small wagon transports with the good old BR 294*.

Difficulty: 2/5; Realism: 3,5/5; download product, multilingual (english/german)

*not part of this product; see the "system requirements" on product page for more information.

Please visit the Trains and Drivers Shop to buy this Scenario Pack.



  • TaD Freight Trains 1. Night run to the Capital (medium, 70 min)

You are taking over a freight train at Wittenberg. This train is already delayed and you will follow the last Regionalbahn to Berlin. Expect some yellow and red signals along your way. Drive this train to Großbeeren. Maximum speed is 120 km/h. Try to avoid stops on your way, so drive carefully

  • TaD Freight Trains 2. Construction Site (easy, 35 min)
BBI Airport is still under construction and you are taking an empty train that delivered supplies back to Großbeeren because the wagons where needed elsewhere. 
  • TaD Freight trains 3. Night run to Wittenberg (easy, 45 min)
Drive a container freight through a quiet summer night. You will follow an RB train, but if you don´t drive too fast, you won´t see any red signals which will cause you to stop.
  • TaD Freight trains 4. Heavy freight to Berlin (medium, 40 min)
 You will drive a heavy freight headed to Berlin. The train had a minor engine issues and was stopped on the mainline. The repair has just finished and you are about to continue the trip.
  • TaD Freight trains 5. Freight to Diedersforf I (easy, 35 min)
First part of a freight to Diedersdorf. You will take a small consist from Wittenberg to Jüterborg where the train headed to Diedersdorf will be assembled.
  • TaD Freight trains 6. Freight to Diedersdorf II (easy, 35 min)
The train has been set up by the local crew and you can take it to Diedersdorf where another driver will take over. There´s construction site at Luckenwalde where track speed is restricted to 30 km/h, so drive carefully.
  • TaD Freight trains 7. Drop and go (easy, 40min)
Bring a mixed freight to Lutherstad Wittenberg with a few stops on the way
  • TaD Freight trains 8. Snow rescue (medium, 70 min)
 Due to cold weather, a train broke down north of Luckenwalde. Couple to the broken train and bring it to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Be quick, passengers must be freezing!


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