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RWA Donationware Rolling Stock Package updated

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The RWA Donationware Rolling Stock package has been updated. While testing new scenarios we discovered the horn, bell and smoke did not work. These have been fixed. If you did not already get the patch file from the forums, you can get it from the Donationware page. At http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/home/donationware/item/214-special-rwa-donationware-rollingstock-package-now-avaialble

Go to the page linked above and scroll down a little and you will see a 3rd button under the repaint package. Download and install this to get updated.

If you donated for this using the donations page and got an automatic download, you should be able to redownload the new full package in case you do not want to fool around with updates. Plus you will have the new package. If your old link does not work, send me a PM in the forums and I will get you a new link, if you are in my records. This is only for the file named RWA-Pack_TS2012.zip.

Bob Artim aka artimrj



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