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RWA Donationware Rolling Stock Package 2014

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In an effort to help the continued future growth of RailWorks America, Dick Cowen of Britkits and Michael Stephan of Golden Age of Railroading have graciously offered to contribute a new rolling stock package that is available to anyone that donates $10.00 to RWA.

Your donations will be used to help pay the server costs for RWA, and possible expansions.

The rolling stock is a fictional livery based on the RWA acronym and includes the following:

1 - EMD NW2 switcher engine
2 - 100-t coal hoppers in three paint versions each
2 - 52-ft gondolas each with four different loads
1 - woodchip car
1 - 50-ft flatcar with eight different loads
1 - 40-ft hi-cube boxcar
2 - 50-ft exterior-post boxcars

The engine and cars have been fitted with custom couplers and connecting air hoses. While the equipment featured in this pack has already been released in other add-ons before, the models have been updated in various details and have been supplied with repaint-friendly textures and folder structure. Repaint template textures in layered PSD format (Paint Shop Pro will open these files) are available too.

It is strongly recommended that you read this PDF document before donating for this package.

Press the Buy Now button to receive the RWA Rolling Stock Pack for a Donation of $10 

You may also have the repaint templates for the Rolling Stock Package for FREE! 


This file will update the 2012 version of the package to the 2014 version. If the file you donated for is RWA-Pack_TS2012.zip, then download and install this update. It fixes the horn, bell and smoke of the NW2. This is a free update for owners of the package.

Click the button to download the upgrade.









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