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RWA Scenarios


Scenarios for the RW&A Lakeside route


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    RW&A Yard Default Parts 1, 2 & 3

    RW&A Yard Default Parts 1, 2 & 3 by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

    RWAYardDefaultPt1.zip - 78 kb

    RWAYardDefaultPt2.zip - 78 kb

    RWAYardDefaultPt3.zip - 78 kb

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    RW&A Yard Consolidation - Parts 1, 2 & 3

    RW&A Yard Consolidation - Parts 1, 2 & 3 by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

    RWAYardConsolPt1.zip - 78 kb

    RWAYardConsolPt2.zip - 78 kb

    RWAYardConsolPt3.zip - 78 kb

    This set uses the RW&A Connie

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    RWA-LS-JWH-005 by Josh (jwiv)

    RWA-LS-JWH-005.zip - 39 kb

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    RWA-LS-JWH-004 by Josh (jwiv)

    RWA-LS-JWH-004.zip - 38 kb

    Switching scenario at Adkins Mill. About 30 minutes to complete.

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    RWA-LS-JWH-003 by Josh (jwiv)

    RWA-LS-JWH-003.zip - 38 kb

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    RWA-LS-JWH-002 by jwiv

    RWA-LS-JWH-002.zip - 317 kb

    Short bit of switch work in the Waterton Yard.

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    RWA-LS-Berk-BP-1to5 by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-Berk-BP-1to5.zip - 500 kb

    This is a set of 5 scenarios designed to be run in order by Bill Peck of the NERW Crew.

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    RWA Log Exchange Challenge



    RWA Log Exchange Challenge by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

    RWALogXChall.zip - 250 kb

    This scenario is an expansion of the Log Exchange scenario provided with the route.  It will NOT overwrite the original scenario.The additionalchallenge includes maintaining a schedule in order to not delay other traffic on the route.  In order to successfully complete the scenario the driver must arrive and stay on schedule without significantly exceeding any of the speed limits along the route.

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    RWA Lumber Mill Work

    RWA Lumber Mill Work by Bob Artim (artimrj)

    RWA Lumber Mill Work.zip - 438 kb

    Take a consist to the lumber mill and break it up and return with another consist.

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    RWA-LS-JWH-001 by (jwiv)

    RWA-LS-JWH-001.zip - 377 kb

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    RWA-LS-JMcE-006 by John McEwen

    RWA-LS-JMcE-006.zip - 117 kb

    A complicated switching excercise at N. Adkins Mill.

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    RWA-LS-BP-005 by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-BP-005.zip - 377 kb

    Part 3 of 3

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    RWA-LS-BP-004 by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-BP-004.zip - 428 kb

    Part 2 of 3

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    RWA-LS-BP-003 by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-BP-003.zip - 352 kb

    Do some switching


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    RWA-LS-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-LS-JMcE-001.zip - 88kb

    Five scenarios in a set, to make a work day on the RW&A Lakeside route. Each scenario is individually packaged.

    The 1st & 2nd scenarios in this pack have been updated June 1, 2014

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    RWA Return run to the Mine

    RWA Return run to the Mine by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-BP-002.zip - 22kb

    You will be picking up 4 Loaded coal cars to deliver to the Coal delivery siding at the mine

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    RWA Ore to Waterton Docks

    RWA Ore to Waterton Docks by Bill Peck

    RWA-LS-BP-001.zip - 22 kb

    You are in charge of 2 RS-1 engines and are tasked with moving double string of loaded ore cars to the Waterton ore docks.

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    RWA Passengers to Riverside

    RWA Passengers to Riverside by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    RWA_Passengers_to_Riverside.zip - 337 kb

    You are at Waterton Station and will be departing soon. You must take the passengers to Riverside stopping at Rideout along the way.  Your run today is sightseeing only so you will not be opening the doors this trip.

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    RWA Mainline Switching

    RWA Mainline Switching by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    RWA_Mainline_Switching.zip - 236 kb

    You will be Picking up cars in Waterton and switching out cars along the mainline and ending up in Riverside.

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    RWA Riverside Switching Duties

    RWA Riverside Switching Duties by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    RWA Riverside Switching Duties.zip - 337 kb

    You will be breaking down a consist that arrived earlier in the day.

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