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New TaD Pro Line Scenario Pack: German High Speed 2

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High speed connections between Germany's capital cities are the backbone of modern passenger traffic. Experience the Berlin - Wittenberg route through the eyes of an IC and ICE driver. Eight prototypical scenarios are waiting!

Difficulty 3/5, Realism 4,5/5    Download version, multilingual

Please visit the Trains and Drivers Website for more information or to buy this scenario pack.

A bundle pack of German High Speed and German High Speed 2 is also available.


  • TaD High Speed 2 - 1. ICE 1615 Hamburg Altona to München Hbf
Today you will drive the Intercity Express 1651. The train ends in München and you will drive it until Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Normally, the ICE3 doesn't run this ICE line. The designed trains are the ICE 1,2 and the ICE-T but today due to a malfunction the train will be an ICE 3.
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 2. ICE 1606 to Stralsund
The ICE 1606 to Stralsund continues its trip. Here you will drive from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Berlin.
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 3. ICE 1703 Berlin Gesundbrunnen to Leipzig Hbf
Drive an early morning ICE to Leipzig on the leg between Berlin and Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 4. ICE 1602 München Hbf to Berlin Gesundbrunnen
Night ICE to Berlin Gesundbrunnen. The weather is bad and it's a dark night so keep your eyes open!
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 5. ICE 1612 München Hbf to Hamburg Altona
Second part of the ICE service from München to Hamburg. In this second part you need to stop at Lutherstadt Wittenberg, and then continue north towards Berlin.
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 6. IC 2356 Ostseebad Binz to Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf
This is an IC train to Frankfurt. You will drive it until Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The train has avery long stop at Berlin Hbf so you have the time to look around the station. 
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 7. IC 2208 München Hbf to Berlin Hbf
Take the Intercity to Berlin in a really bad weather. 
  • TaD High Speed 2 - 8. ICE 1612 München Hbf to Hamburg Altona
This is the first ICE to Hamburg of the day. Departure is at 4:58 and arrival at Hamburg Altona is at 14:13

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