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New TaD ProLine Scenario Pack: Scottish Steam

Scottish Steam Box ArtSeven challenging scenarios on the route between Carlisle and Stranraer featuring the "Port Road Chapter One" engines from Ironhorsehouse. From milk runs to shunting services, from local passenger to express trains: experience the realistic feel of the scenarios while travelling up and down the Port Road. 

Realism: 4/5 Difficulty 3,5/5

multilingual version (english/german) -  download version

Please visit the Trains and Drivers Shop to buy this Scenario Pack.

A Bundle Pack of the Scottish Steam and Green Diesels scenario packs is also available.


  • TaD Pro Line Steam 1. Parcels to Dumfries
Morning Parcel train from Carlisle to Dumfries
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 2. Stopping train to Castle Douglas
Drive a local passenger service from Dumfries to Castle Douglas.
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 3. Postcards from Ireland
The ferry has arrived and thereĀ“s a load of parcels and post from Ireland. You will drive a non-stop service down to Castle Douglas where another crew takes over.
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 4. MOD service Pt 1
Assemble your train at Longtown MOD before heading out to Carlisle Currock.
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 5. MOD service Pt 2
Second part of the MOD scenario: Drive your train down to Carlisle Currock.
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 6. Branch Run
Assemble and drive a branchline freight train from Kirkcudbright to Castle Douglas.
  • TaD Pro Line Steam 7. Night run to Eastriggs
There is an urgent delivery of fuel for Eastriggs MOD. Because of the bad weather you are ordered to take this train there right now, instead of tomorrow morning.

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