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PRR Passenger Cars BA/OD/PD

Included in this pack are three scratch-built, prototypical models of PRR heritage, the BA class baggage car, the OD-class combine and the PD-class coach. All cars have been built with great attention to detail and are fully animated. Each car comes in PRR colors, plus a generic brown and green painted version and a set of seventeen selectable roadnames to put these PRR cars to (fictional) use on other railroads, too.

The cars in this add-on are ready to run with custom sounds and couplers with connecting air hoses.

*Please note that this add-on is an updated release of an add-on previously published by Golden Age of Railroading. If you already bought the add-on there, you will not get any new content by buying this add-on pack. For further details or if you have questions, please visit the Golden Age of Railroading website.

Find out more about this add-on on the Trains and Drivers website.


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