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NP Late 19th Century Freight Pack

The NP 19th century freight pack offers you six models in various configurations: an outside-braced and a double sheathed boxcar, a stockcar, flatcars with various loads, tankcars (converted flatcars) and a 24ft caboose. All freight cars are 'proto-lanced' models, in other words they are not modeled after any particular prototype, but their general appearance and details are modeled to look like typical freight cars from the late 19th century. The caboose is a model of a real-world NP caboose.

The cars in this add-on are ready to run with custom sounds and couplers with connecting air hoses.

*Please note that this add-on is an updated release of an add-on previously published by Golden Age of Railroading. If you already bought the add-on there, you will not get any new content by buying this add-on pack. For further details or if you have questions, please visit the Golden Age of Railroading website.

Find out more about this add-on on the Trains and Drivers website.


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