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Repainting tutorial part 2b - Converting files using RW-Tools

TUTORIAL - Repainting TRAIN SIMULATOR models with RW-Tools
By Bernard Lafargue, aka QcRail. February 2018.


Part 1 of this tutorial explains how to prepare the folders and blueprints for a repaint.

Part 2a explains how to extract and convert textures for editing, using DXTBmp and RSBinTool.

Part 2b explains how to extract and convert textures for editing, using RW-Tools.

You must do part 1, then choose between part 2a and part 2b, according to your preference.

This is part 2b.

I have put together a tutorial illustrating the procedure to take full advantage of RW-Tools for converting texture images in the .TgPcDx format used by Train Simulator into a widely accepted graphic format called .dds, which can be manipulated by most graphic editing softwares, such as Gimp, Photoshop, etc., and then putting back this modified texture into Train Simulator.

Tutorial repaint 3 1

Get the tutorial here in PDF format

It is aimed at anyone wanting to jump in this fun activity and was little informed with the jargon or seemed to be overwhelmed.

Bernard Lafargue, aka QcRail (February 2018)

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