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Rolling stock accessories and tools for manipulating them.


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    Miami C40-8W Number Fix

    Miami C40-8W Number Fix by Tony Nguyen (zekthekid)

    Numbers_Fix.zip - 127 kb 

    Correction to the numbers on DTG's CSX Dash 8

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    Dash-9 Number Correction

    Dash-9 Number Correction by Adam (ncrailfannerofusa)

    Dash-9-Number-Correction.7z - 3 kb

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    Super U30B

    Super U30B by Phillip Schlichting (pschlik)

    Super U30B.zip - 213 kb

    Another super locomotive, this time back in the USA

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    F59 Horn,Bell and Brake Mod Update

    F59 Horn,Bell and Brake Mod Update

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    Cab Forward Mod

    Cab Forward Mod by David Whiting (dtrainBNSF1)

    CF_MOD.zip - 712 kb

    This is a modification that updates the Cab Forward's power, speed, weight, etc

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    F59PH/F59PHI Horn,Bell and Brake Mod

    F59PH/F59PHI Horn,Bell and Brake Mod by no name (TommyPicklesfan1992)

    F59HornBellBrakeMod.zip - 732 kb

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    Replacement Container Textures for Pacific Surfliner

    Replacement Container Textures for Pacific Surfliner by Jerremee Jones (BNSF 511)

    Container_Replacements.zip - 2.3 MB

    Requires the Pacific Surfliner route from Steam in order to work

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    Donner Pass Texture Improvement Pack

    Donner Pass Texture Improvement Pack by TheRailfan98

    Donner_Pass_Texture_Improvement_Pack.zip - 190 MB

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    Different texture templates

    Different texture templates by Sibell

    Texture templates.zip - 8.9 MB

    Some clean templates for repainting. without color, all comes in grey. An easy start for you to repaint

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    Miami P42DC update

    Miami P42DC update by Sibell

    Miami_P42_update.zip - 21 MB

    Color correction and update of DTG's Miami P42DC. Included new bell and horn sounds

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    Menu Route Thumbnails Updated v1.2

    Menu Route Thumbnails Updated v1.2 by Jareb Blake (Bekns)

    Menu_Route_Thumbnails_TS2016.zip - 5.5 MB

    Updated file of previous version

    Previous version had 659 downloads

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    BNSF SD70MAC Screenshot Fix

    BNSF SD70MAC Screenshot Fix by no name (AmtrakandAWVRFan)

    BNSF SD70MAC Screenshot Fix.7z - 121 kb

    This is a screen shot fix for the SD70MAC from the SD70 V2 Pack that can be purchased off Steam

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    Amtrak Heritage Diner Number Fix

    Amtrak Heritage Diner Number Fix by Chris Laurence (Chrisonline)

    Amtrak Heritage Diner Number Fix.7z - 5 kb

    Corrects non-functioning numbering for the Heritage Diner in the Miami-West Palm Beach package

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    Great Northern F7 Empire Builder Brake and Bell Fix 1.0

    Great Northern F7 Empire Builder Brake and Bell Fix 1.0 by no name (GeneralWo)

    F7 Empire Builder Fixes.zip - 8 kb

    This mod fixes the bell button, so it remains on after letting go of B, and it fixes the fact the brakes on the coaches didn't fully release by increasing the locomotive's brake pressure from 90 to 110 psi.

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    Stevens Pass ES44DC dynamic brakes keyboard fix

    Stevens Pass ES44DC dynamic brakes keyboard fix by Jorge Alsina (jalsina)

    ES44DC-StevensPass-KeyboardFix.rar - 139 kb

    Input Mapper spelling error fix for the Stevens Pass ES44DC when reducing dynamic brakes settings

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    Pacific Surfliner Number Fix

    Pacific Surfliner Number Fix by Jerremee Jones (BNSF511)

    Surfliner Number Fix.zip - 2 kb

    This is a simple numbering fix for the Pacific Surfliner F59PHI and cabcar

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    P32AC-DM Shoreliner Mod Pack

    P32AC-DM Shoreliner Mod Pack by Mike Kam (FanRailer)

    P32AC-DM_Shoreliner_Mod_Pack.rar - 4 MB

    Sound & Physics Mod for Metro-North P32 and Shoreliner Cab Car

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    AEM-7AC DC Physics Sound Mod Update

    AEM-7AC DC Physics Sound Mod Update by Mike Kam (FanRailer)

    EMD_AEM-7AC_DC_Physics_Sound_Mod_Update.rar - 2 MB

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    EMD F40PH & Gallery Cab Car Mod

    EMD F40PH & Gallery Cab Car Mod by

    Barnez_TS2016_Metra_EMD_F40PH_Gallery_Cab_Car_Comprehensive_Mod_Pack.rar - 1.1 MB

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    G-traX NKP Berkshire Fix

    G-traX NKP Berkshire Fix by Jay Davis (Berkshirefan765)

    NKP_Berkshire_Fix.rar - 70 kb

    A fix for the fire box and low engineer

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