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What are the Blueprint Editor and the Asset Editor?

Q: I am finding references to a BluePrint Editor. What is this utility, where can I find it, what can it do for me, and finally how is it setup?
A: In short, the BP editor is where you hook your shape files, sound files, or whatever files you are trying to get into the game, to a Blueprint. This Blueprint contains information on what the name of your shape file is, where it is located (path), name visible in the game, does it have Child objects, and so on. Once you export the BP, it becomes a .bin file in Railworks, which is just an encoded .xml file. Each different type of Blueprint can accomplish a different purpose.

Launch it from the Utilities program in the Railworks folder. It doesn't need setting up. The best instructions for its use are in RSC's developer docs, in the support section of RSC's web site.
It should be noted that the Asset Editor does the same thing as the Blueprint Editor, except that the BP editor cannot preview shape files that you are working on. Also, the BP editor can run and export while the Railworks game itself is running. The Asset Editor, while able to run while the game is running, cannot Preview during a game session.
Some Win-XP-32 users not able to run the Asset Editor. They get a "login to steam" message.
RSC came up with a temporary work around for this problem:
1) Go in to the main railworks folder, and create a file "steam_appid.txt"
2) Inside that file, just put the number "24010" and save it.

Steam must be started prior to running the utilities.
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