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New TaD ProLine Scenario Pack: German Commuters

German Commuters Box ArtEight prototypical scenarios for Cologne - Dusseldorf route by Aerosoft and Munich - Augsburg route by  Drive S-Bahn trains, RB and RE trains on these routes according to prototypical timetables. All consist are prototypical where possible and all trains are running according to real-world timetables by Deutsche Bahn AG (DB).


Download version, multilingual (english/german)


Difficulty: 4/5  Realism 5/5

Please visit the Trains and Drivers Shop to buy this Scenario Pack.


  • TaD Commuters - 1. RE 57090 München Hbf to Gessertshausen
Today you will drive the Regional Express from Munchen to Augsburg. Then another driver will take over. 
  • TaD Commuters - 2. RB 57089 Donauwörth to München Hbf
You have to drive this train to its final destination. Start by picking up passengers at Augsburg, then continue your journey.
  • TaD Commuters - 3. RE 10139 Aachen Hbf to Hamm (Westf)
Drive a RE regional train on the leg between Cologne and Dusseldorf.
  • TaD Commuters - 4. RE 10507 Emmerich to Koblenz Hbf
A morning Regional Express on the leg between Dusseldorf and Cologne.
  • TaD Commuters - 5. S Bahn to Holzkirchen
Drive the S3 (Holzkirchen) between Mammendorf and Munchen Hbf.
  • TaD Commuters - 6. S Bahn to Mammendorf
You take over the train at Munchen Hauptbahnhof. Drive the train until it's final destination, Mammendorf.
  • TaD Commuters - 7. S Bahn to Köln
You will drive the train until Koln Hauptbahnhof. Normally the S6 line doesn't use the class 423 anymore (the designed EMU is the class 422), but this is a replacement because the scheduled train broke down.
  • TaD Commuters - 8. S-Bahn to Essen
Today you will drive this S6 train until Dusseldorf where you will be relieved. There are no problems reported.



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