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GN X200 Cabooses

This add-on includes models of two series of GN cabooses, a 30' wood cupola cabooseand 30' steel cupola caboose. The wood bodied cars were built from 1941 to 1945, the steel cars between 1941 and 1951, all in GN's own St. Cloud shops. Both were numbered in the X200 series.

Five cars are included in this add-on, two wood body and three steel body cabooses. All cars come in GN's striking red and black caboose paint scheme, with three different lettering styles included: block lettering with yellow font, block lettering with white font, and the later lettering scheme with italic slab serif font and radio symbol.
The cars in this add-on are ready to run with custom sounds and couplers with connecting air hoses and a passenger view on the platform of the car. The autonumbering includes roster numbers from the real GN X200s, and also correct assignment of the Safety Slogans to the road number of each car.
Four scenarios on the Marias Pass are also included! Please check the system requirements for these scenarios.
Find out more about this add-on on the Trains and Drivers website.

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