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Steam to Diesel Changeover Years

Steam to Diesel Changeover Years

By Britkits

Concentrating on the changeover years from steam to diesel, Britkits brings you rolling stock to enhance your RailWorks railroading experience.

Try the freeware repainting kits. These are designed specifically for you to repaint in your own colour scheme. Each of these kits has a modestly priced Xtra kit to add more details to other locomotives of the same type.

The Special packs are themed for a specific railroad or industry. If you want to railroad in the smoke, smell, and heat of a steel mill, there is a pack for you. If you want the banshee scream of a logging locomotive high up in timber country, we can help you. If you want to run Santa Fe freight or passenger services over the Cajon Pass, we are with you all the way.

Steam locomotives are living beings, each with their own personality. In its expanding roster, Britkits can provide a range of USRA designed locomotives from the humble 0-6-0 switcher to the powerful 2-8-8-2 Mallet. Though not designed as re-skinning kits, they are designed with a system for putting your own road name or logo on the cab or tender side.

What is in line for the future? Time will tell. I still want to rebuild my MSTS models to RW standards, but something else may catch my interest. Perhaps more freeware re-painting kits or a Climax for the logging fans?

Keep an eye on my web site and you will see. Winking Smilie

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