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Creating a standard freight scenario

Here are some vids I made explaining how to make a standard freight scenario.

Part 1 setting it up.

In 1680 x 1050 50 meg

This part shows you how to choose a train and rolling stock. How to load the rolling stock and how to add a driver to your engine. It is longer and bigger than part 1 so I am only going to do the 1680x1050 ones. I guess I blab too much...

Part 2 making a train 12:30:20 and 250 meg

This takes you into the timetable editor mode and shows you how to set up a drop off and final destination. Explanations for functions in a drop off operation.

Click to stream or right click and SAVE TARGET AS to dl to your hard drive.

Part 3 Operations & Paths 145 meg 17:23

This explains how to add an AI train to your scenario and some things that can possibly go wrong in the process.

Part 4 Adding an Ai Train 250 meg 15:08

Part 5 gives you some tips on populating the scenario with static consists and explains how to make a reusable consist to place long strings of cars in mass, instead of 1 by 1.

This one is pretty big for how short it is, seems to make larger file when moving around the route for some reason. All I can say is I am a rookie vid maker.

Part 5 Eye Candy & Consists 352.6 meg 11:23

This one is an example of adding a second AI train to the mix.

Part 6 Adding another AI 153.5 meg 08:22

This is explaining how to treat Train Simulator when adding more complex things like AI traffic to a scenario. Also about adjusting timing in order to add a degree of interaction with the AI.

Part 6b - Suppliment to part 6 57.6meg 06:14

In this one you will add another AI that will work on a siding in New Wadsworth. We set it up to be running as the player train passes through to give a feeling of life. While doing so a new bug for TS2013 also crops up and I show you how to resolve it as well. Also shown is how to add a DLC or repaint or anything else you may have downloaded and installed using the Object Set Filter and place a Siding Marker.

Part 7 Adding More AI 300.8 meg 14:59

WHen your creating a scenario you are also creating an environment, with the resources we have, this environment has to be scripted. Everything has to do with where the player is at a certain time. We already have some interaction with our second AI train at the Vinland siding. Which is just stopping and waiting for it to pass. In this session of the tutorial we place 2 more AI trains; a tanker train in Element and a "Pike" Passenger train coming from Element Platform. These both are to add to the environment of the scenario giving it what life we can. We also add a "fake" AI train, to give it a little more depth.

Part 8 - Even MORE AI 174.5 meg 07:28

This shows you how to use Triggers and stop at/go via functions to add pop up message to game play. Also how to use the 2D map to preset manual switches for the player if desired. If the final test is ok, then that will conclude this tutorial, if it does not work the way I expect, there may be another part. Then we will package it up for uploading.

Part 9 Optional goodies 135.3 meg 19:02

I moved the pop up message and changed the final destination. All done.

Part 10 - Final Adjustments 83.6 meg 09:33

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