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Review: PRR Baldwin Centipede

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PRR Baldwin Centipede for Train Simulator Review by Josh Hall "jwiv"


Technically named the Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2, the Centipede earned it's nickname due to it's unusual wheel arrangement and numerous axles. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works' between December 1945 and July 1948, the DR-12-8-1500/2 sported 12 axles (8 driver) and 2 engines at 1,500 horsepower.   A grand total of 55 units were built, with the majority being purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad (24 units) who typically ran them coupled back-to-back in pairs.   Due to being built one at a time, each unit was non-standard, making routine maintenance more difficult than normal and contributing to their eventual retirement by most railroads during the 1950’s.

Developer and DLC Information

Created by Reppo, the Centipede comes in PRR DLGE (or as RSC calls it, PRR Black) five stripe livery and includes a PRR baggage car and PRR dining car. The interior of the cab is highly detailed - including cab lighting, backlit and moving gauges, and an fairly accurate layout.

The most notable aspect however of the engine is its highly detailed start-up sequence, in which the player is required to actually perform in-cab work to start the engine - making it one of the few TS2013 engines to do so (eg. AT&N Consolidation and the BR143). Engine and horn sounds are top notch, with a satisfying deep rumble from the engine and a loud horn.

On a personal note, this is one of the few diesel engines that I tend to drive without a HUD. The detailed and functioning cab makes driving this with minimal keyboard input highly enjoyable. The only drawback I've had with the engine tends to be in scenario creation, as creating the Cold&Dark version of the engine can be somewhat initially tricky due to the chassis and body being separate pieces. It would have been nice to see a pre-existing A1+B1 included as opposed to making scenario creators immediately create their own consist.

Community/Mod Notes

There are engines that are created and seem to grab the community by storm and generate a plethora of engine repaints and sound enhancements and workshop scenarios. While the Centipede sounds are thankfully rock solid, for people looking for additional repaints or a large selection of scenarios, you may be disappointed as both are in short supply for this engine.

Pros & Cons


  •    Baldwin Centipede in Pennsylvania Railroad black livery
  •    Fully detailed engine start-up and realistic engine scripting
  •    PRR baggage car
  •    PRR dining car with highly detailed passenger view
  •    Scenarios for the Horseshoe Curve route
  •    Quick Drive compatible


  • limited community support
  • lack of non PRR livery can be limiting for those wanting to use the engine on routes other than Horseshoe Curve

Final Score


Additional liveries would have been a nice touch, but given the cab and engine details is a minor quibble. Including the blue demonstrator livery which RSC had shown as a teaser pic would have been a nice touch, and the lack of it is puzzling. Ultimately though, this remains one of the more detailed and enjoyable diesel's available.






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