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Using joysticks or throttles with Railworks

CSX2057's excellent video tutorial about how to configure and use input devices such as a joystick for controlling your train in Railworks.

This also works with other devices such as the Saitek Throttle Quadrant, which you may use for control levers in the cab.

See the tutorial on YouTube

Links for downloading the required software are provided in the video's description, which you can see by clicking on the "Show more" button under the video.

Also about the Saitek Throttle Quadrant, gege21 says:

"With two Throttle Quadrant I can use 5 levers on them (or 6 if I need them) with the great Jostick API Cadde's soft. I shall say the driving experience with the TQ's levers are more accurate because these levers have a much larger range of lever movement than on the Raildriver controller.

I encourage you to buy another one TQ in the future. The only error I got when installing two TQ's on W7 64 bit (I believe this happen also on other OS platform), was when calibrating the X and Y axis on the one of the two TQ's into Joystick API Debug tab : though in windows the calibrating test was perfectly set up, in Joystick API Debug tab selecting "All device listen" the X and Y axis on the one of the two TQ's began calibrating only from 32467 to 65595 (something like that). For the others axis all was begining from 0 to 65595 full range. What result into the programmable API interface : for the X and Y axis whose not fully calibrated on the full range movement, these axis jump from 0% to 50% abruptly and then move smoothly continousely from 50% to 100% as expected.

Whatever I tried, plugging the two Throttle Quadrant into different USB ports, changing the USB plug from the 1 USB port with the 2 and vice versa, nothing seemed to resolve the problem. I think it is how Windows handles two same identical controllers and doesn't have an unique ID for each. They seem mixed and provide some strange behavior.

No worry I found a fix on the Saitek forum involving a trick in the Windows registry : http://www.saitekforum.com/showthread.php?t=15478

(perhaps you must be registered to see it).

Now all 6 TQ's axis are fully set and run as expected : the calibrating into the Joystick API Debug tab is on the full range from 0 to 65595 (about) on the 6 axis (2 Throttle Quadrant)."


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