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How To Get Most Third-party Routes Running in TS2013

By Bob Latimer

Many TS2013 users are having problems, and getting SBHHs, when trying to run third-party routes under
TS2013. There are various reasons for this and the main ones are:

  • Some routes have Provider/Products (P/Ps) selected in the RouteProperties.xml file that are not required for the route and that the user does not have in their installation. (This issue seems to have been introduced in TS2013 and was not present in TS2012 – hence some third-party routes would run under TS2012 but would not under TS2013.)
  • If a route has P/Ps selected (whether needed for the route or not) and their content adds up to greater than some magic number (a maximum capacity for TS2013) an SBHH results.
    • A possible solution for this issue is to ensure that only the P/Ps required for the route are actually selected in the RouteProperties.xml file.
    • Sometimes with only the required P/Ps selected an SBHH will result because the total of therequired P/Ps is too large.

Thanks to Mike Simpson’s RW_Tools, there are methods of reducing and potentially eliminating these issues and getting almost all third-party routes to run.

Read Bob's tutorial in PDF

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