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DB BR 474.3 EMU

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DB BR 474.3 EMU



Germany’s sleek, modern multiple units are synonymous with efficiency and comfort, none more so than the DB BR 474.3, now available for Train Simulator. 
The BR 474 is an electrical multiple unit built between 1996 and 2001, and again between 2006 and 2007, designed exclusively for Hamburg S-Bahn services. 

The units have a top speed of 100 km/h (62 miles) and can run on 1200V DC Third Rail and 15kV AC overhead power supply, the latter being exclusive to the .3 variant of the BR 474. There were 112 BR 474s built in total, 24 of these being the .3 variation. 

The first BR 474s were ordered in 1994 to begin replacing older units on the Hamburg S-Bahn, which itself was nearing 60 years old. The initial batch of 45 units was delivered in 1996 and featured a number of improvements to their predecessors, including computer control. 

A second batch of BR 474s was ordered in 1996 and deliveries of these finished in 2001. However, the BR 474 did have some rather significant problems in the late 1990s, where heavy vibrations caused deficiencies with the ventilation, engine and door opening mechanism. 

The BR 474.3 was delivered between 2006 and 2007, nine new coaches and 33 from the second batch made up these new units., The main difference between the .3 and other variations of the Class is the addition of a pantograph in the intermediate coach so they can also run on 15kV AC overhead power lines. 

A modernization of the BR 474 was planned for 2012 and they were to be known as the 474 Plus. However, apart from a prototype which was upgraded and shown publicly in July 2011, no other units have currently been modernized due to high costs and a lack of available funding. 

The BR 474.3 for Train Simulator is available in Deutsche Bahn Traffic Red livery and features combination throttle and brake, cab and instrument lighting, in-cab signaling, safety systems, PZB and SIFA. 

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the DB BR 474.3 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the 
Hamburg-Lübeck Railway route and Hamburg-Hannover route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).


Two scenarios for the Hamburg-Lübeck route and three scenarios for the Hamburg-Hannover route:

  • Replacement Shuttle: Part 1 (Hamburg-Lübeck) 
  • Replacement Shuttle: Part 2 (Hamburg-Lübeck) 
  • Strange-bahn (Hamburg-Hannover) 
  • Strange-bahn: The Return (Hamburg-Hannover) 
  • Even More Strange-bahn (Hamburg-Hannover)

More scenarios are available on Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now! 

Key Features

  • BR 474.3 in Deutsche Bahn Traffic Red livery 
  • Combination throttle and brake 
  • Cab and instrument lighting 
  • In-cab signaling 
  • Safety systems 
  • PZB 
  • SIFA 
  • Quick Drive compatible 
  • Scenarios for the Hamburg-Lübeck and Hamburg-Hannover routes 
  • Download size: 147mb


Click here to purchase on Steam for $12.99 - http://store.steampowered.com/app/325987


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