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3rd-party routes are crashing Railworks

This problem started after the upgrade to TS 2014.

" Today I fired up TS2014 and went to my own route and the sim crashed a few seconds after I selected the route and free roam scenario I wanted. It failed seconds after hitting go. The crash closes the sim entirely. I then restarted and checked the RSC DLC routes, and all the native ones worked fine. Any 3rd party DLC (Allaboard, G-Trax, etc.) failed just like my route did. I did another verify (verify local files in the Steam client), and checked all the fixes to make sure they were still there, but nothing changed, the sim crashed the same way. I used RW_Tools to look for missing items in my route and all was OK. Another fire-up of the sim and no changes, still failing after hitting go for the routes."

Running Railworks with LogMate enabled (start logmate.exe in the Railworks folder, then start Railworks) shows the following errors in the log:

Trace cBlueprintLibrary.cpp : 392 = Blueprint set not found : Kuju, RailSimulatorCore
Trace cBlueprintLibrary.cpp : 423 = Blueprint set not found for: Cameras\EditCamera001.xml
cBlueprintSet::loadFile Failed to load blueprint: RailNetwork\TrackRules\PONtrack.bin

The first two messages are just warnings. The cause for the crash is the 3rd line: Failed to load blueprint: RailNetwork\TrackRules\PONtrack.bin

PONtrack.bin is a track rule file for Jim Ward's Port Ogden To Chicago route. For some reason, a corrupted version of this file exists in several railworks folders.
The solution is to delete all occurences of this file by following these instructions:

1- In Windows explorer, go to your Railworks folder.
2- Shift-Right-click on the folder and select "Open a command window here"
3- In the command (black) window, type this:
del /S PONtrack.bin

Note: that's a capital "O", not a zero.

It will find and delete all occurences of this file and you should be all set.

If this does not solve your ptoblem, we suggest you look at this other tutorial from Bob Latimer:

How To Get Most Third-party Routes Running in TS2013


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