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How To Check and Fix Provider/Products in Scenarios

By Bob Latimer

If you have gone through my tutorial entitled “How To Get Most Third-party Routes Running in TS2013“ and followed its steps and then find out that you can load the route in the Editor and can run some of the scenarios, but not all of them, it is possible that the scenarios that still won’t run have too many Provider/Products (P/Ps) selected creating TS2013 overload.

It appears that some scenario writers start by selecting (ticking) all of the P/Ps that they may possibly need for the scenario but never go through them at the end and remove the ones that aren’t used.

Now the challenge is to figure out how to change the scenario so that it has the appropriate P/Ps selected, and only the required ones, when you can’t open it in the editor.

I developed the following approach, which may not be the most efficient, but it worked for me. It does require a little .xml file editing, but that can’t be avoided.


Read Bob's tutorial in PDF

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