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Route Collection


Route Collection


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    Arlington & Lewistown RR v1.3

    Arlington & Lewistown RR v1.3 by Benjamin Lewis (AdmiralLeviathan)

    ALRR13.zip - 21 MB

    A fictional, 25-odd mile route set in the rough area of the Salton Sea, updated to version 1.3

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    Willamette Pass (WIP)

    Willamette Pass (WIP) by John Lippai, uploaded by Bob at his request

    Willamette Pass Route.rar - 506 MB

    This is a WIP of the Willamette Pass route

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    Central Vermont Champlain Division

    Central Vermont Champlain Division by Rick Kfoury (RickKfoury)

    Central Vermont Champlain Division.zip - 15.2 MB

    A fictional Central Vermont route set in northwestern Vermont in 1960

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    Le Grand Nord

    Le Grand Nord created by Jawal

    LGN.zip - 450 MB

    "Le Grand Nord" (The Far North) is a fictional 25-miles route set in Alaska

    NOTE: All 3 files listed in the readme are in the main LGN.zip file. There are not 3 seperate files.

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    Grand Beach Sanctuary

    Grand beach Sanctuary by (Kenpo)

    gb-s-v34.rar - 8.3 MB

    NYC route

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    Roaring Camp Big Trees Railroad

    Roaring Camp Big Trees Railroad by David Elsner (dleeboy)

    Roaring Camp Big Trees Route.zip - 91.3 MB


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    Boston and Maine Railroad Route

    Boston and Maine Railroad Route by Rick Kfoury (RickKfoury)

    BMRoute.zip - 5.3 MB

    A fictional Boston and Maine route set in NH between 1955-1960. The route includes two scenic branchlines and a mainline.

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    Street Running

    Street Running by Gavin McLennan (raildriver)

    StreetRunning.zip - 905 kb

    This route is a very small "module" route that runs through a residential crossed with an industrial area somewhere in the Midwestern United States.

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    Skunk Train Route

    Skunk Train Route by David Elsner (dleeboy)

    Skunk Route.zip - 38 MB

    Skunk Route in California

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    NS Route

    NS Route by Adam Dean (Gastoniatraindude)

    NS Route.7z - 344 kb

    Just a short route maybe 2 miles long

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    Cimarron Pacific v2b

    Cimarron Pacific v2b by Gary Gardner (ggardner)

    CimarrinPacificv2b.zip - 75.5

    Update to Cimarron Pacific route

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    North America Railway 1.1

    North America Railway by Daniel Cristea (CSX2057)

    NARW.rar - 1.6 MB

    23 miles round trip similar to testtrak but bigger, this is fictional not a prototypical route.

    UPDATED July 9, 2013 to v1.1

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    Ann Arbor updated

    Ann Arbor by O'brian Jones

    Ann Arbor updated.rar - 5 MB - [This file was updated 3 June 2013 - The Assets are unchanged]

    ann arbor assets.rar - 150 MB

    Ann Arbor Assets Part 2.7z - 78.7 MB

    Ann Arbor Assets Part 3.7z - 23.3 MB

    There are 4 files, be sure to get them all.


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    Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway - Beta 1

    Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway - Beta 1 by Zachary Ehlers (nsl714)

    CNSMBeta1.zip - 62 MB

    The Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway, an interurban that ran between its namesake cities until 1963. A work in progress.


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    NSW Tumulla Banks v1.1

    NSW Tumulla Banks v1.1 by Ben Lewis (Admiral Leviathan)

    TumullaBanksV1_1.zip - 42.7 MB

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    San Bernadino to Barstow Simple Level Crossing Replacements

    San Bernadino to Barstow Simple Level Crossing Replacements by SMM Digital

    SMM_SBBXingReplacement.zip - 2.3 MB

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    SP Capitol Corridor

    SP Capitol Corridor Noel Coltrane (Noel)

    SP_Capitol_Corridor_BETA.rar - 177 KB

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    UP Choctaw Sub

    UP Choctaw Sub BETA by Kent Lewis - AdmiralLeviathan

    UPChoctawSubBeta.zip - 3.2 MB

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    Blue River Railroad

    Blue River Railroad by Mike (mdurdan) Durdan


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    Railyard Base Route Template

    Railyard Base Route Template by Jerret (thecanadianrail) Puchailo

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