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Route Collection


Route Collection


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    Dover-Rockaway River RR

    Dover-Rockaway River RR by no name (BVERailer)

    Dover-Rockaway River RR.zip - 2 MB

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    Sherwood Southern Railway-Northern Oregon

    Sherwood Southern Railway-Northern Oregon by Gianni Pulone (PNWR1854)
    A short, short, shortline based in the 1980s in northern Oregon.

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    Montana Rail Link

    By Jawal

    This route is located in the northern US, in the Montana Rockies, not far from Marias Pass.
    It goes from Paradise MN to Missoula MN.

    Make sure you download the 2 zip files from the list below.

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    Kansas City to St Louis

    Kansas City to St Louis by no name (Hurst)

    Hurst_KC-To_StLouis.rar - 25.4 MB

    WIP of my Kansas City to St Louis route

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    Cajon Pass Alpha

    Cajon Pass Alpha by Tim Zorn (Tomcat)

    Cajon_Mojave.7z - 459 MB

    Cajon Pass and surrounding subdivisions

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    DnR Route V3 updated

    DnR Route V3 updated by Robin Jose (bulljose)

    ba06d86d-586b-41bf-93a5-5fae58824d72.zip - 21.6 MB

    updated route, scenarios and scenery

    UPDATED: 7/29/17

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    Carbon County, PA

    Carbon County, PA by Mark Vitek (straypacket)

    CarbonCountyPA.zip - 63 MB

    TS2017 Route - Carbon County, PA

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    Saluda Grade

    Saluda Grade by Kyle Prestwood (kylewoody)

    SaludaGrade.rar - 1.9 MB

    Route add-on for Saluda, NC and surrounding area circa 1970-80s

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    Homestead, PA

    Homestead, PA by no name (TheDFWrailfan)

    Homestead-PA.7z - 181 kb

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    Mojave Desert Railroading

    Mojave Desert Railroading by Bill (usnret)

    Mojave Desert Railroading.rar - 236 MB

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    ACR Adriana County

    ACR Adriana County by Mark Howarth (Handbrake)

    ACR.zip - 17.1 MB

    Adriana County Railroad (present day)

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    NERW Lafayette Division Preview

    NERW Lafayette Division Preview by Bob Artim and crew.

    LAF_Assets_Part_1.zip - 574 MB

    LAF_Assets_Part_2.zip - 683 MB

    Lafayette_Fleet_Final_v1.zip - 637 MB

    NERW_LA_Preview.zip - 60 MB

    INDR GP38.zip - 13 MB - This was missing from the fleet file

    A preview of the Lafayette route WIP.

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    Cedar Lake Historical Railroad

    Cedar Lake Historical Railroad by no name (oregonrider)

    Cedar Lake Historical Railroad.zip - 11.2 MB

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    St. Lawrence and Atlantic Hallsbury Division

    St. Lawrence and Atlantic Hallsbury Division by Jack Duffin (goddrauG)

    StLawrenceandAtlanticHallsburyDivision.7z - 16.5 MB

    The St. Lawrence and Atlantic is a real life shortline that runs from Portland, Maine to Montreal, Canada

    UPDATED: 6 November 2016

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    Montour Railroad v1.1

    Montour Railroad v1.1 by Richard Shirey

    MTR_V11.zip - 249 MB

    A Route for Rail Works Train Simulator

    V 1.1 brings some fixes to the track network.

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    Thurmont & Branford Railroad

    Thurmont & Branford Railroad by Jack Duffin (goddrauG)

    Thurmont and Branford Railroad.7z - 904 kb

    The Thurmont and Branford is a small railroad set in Western New Hampshire

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    O'Dell County Traction Company

    O'Dell County Traction Company by Zachary Ehlers (nsl714)

    ODell_County_Traction_V1.zip - 191 MB

    Based on a Model Railroader layout

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    Houston Texas

    Houston Texas by no name (xxxman360)

    Houston.zip - 35 MB

    Play Houston Tx on railworks

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    C&O Allegheny 5

    C&O Allegheny version 5 by ToriPony

    Alleghany 5.zip - 501.6 MB

    This is the last version Tori worked on. Released here with her permission.

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    Central Vermont Champlain Division 1990

    Central Vermont Champlain Division 1990 by Rick Kfoury (RickKfoury)

    CV_Champlain_Division_1990.zip - 14.9 MB

    An update of the CV Champlain Division, set 30 years after the original

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