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Alpenfreight’s Natural Light Mods/Tutorials

Alpenfreight’s Natural Light Mods/Tutorials

Alpenfreight is well-known for pushing the envelope of what DTG's Train Simulator can render natural lighting and weather conditions. His mods, such as his celebrated 3D-Weather mod, can be found in the RWA forum and in the RWA library.

He has now published on his blog an amazing series of tutorials on 2D-weather modding. This is probably the most comprehensive study of this matter.

He says:

"Lighting in Train Simulator can make a massive difference in how the sim looks. I have been working and discovering all of the different ways this can be adjusted to create more realistic scenes, and I have gotten to the point where I want to share what is possible.

Alpenfreight’s tutorials will help take you from the default simulator to a much more dynamic, crisper and colorful experience."

Find his mods and tutorials here:

Alpenfreight’s Natural Light Mods/Tutorials


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