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London-Brighton - Purley Gravel

Thursday, 19 July 2012

London-Brighton - Purley Gravel by James (Friedy) Friedland & Don Hughes

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Purley Gravel Scenario Set v 1.0 for the "London to Brighton" route

The Scenario:

Four scenarios are provided. Two for Default equipment and two making use of the "Class 70 Add-On" from
Steam. While each scenario is labelled as either Part 1 or Part 2, they may be used independently.

Purley Gravel is a "puzzle type" scenario, for freight yard movement. In each Part you will be
challenged to re-arrange your wagons, while staying within the Yard. For those with less patience,
you will find a spoiler section below, giving both hints and a solution.

Two .rwp installer files are included and differ mainly by the required rollingstock, minor AI traffic and player consists

Version : PurGrv_Cl70.rwp installs Purley Gravel Part 1 (Class 70) and Purley Gravel Part 2 (Class 70)
scenarios into the standard scenario menu of London to Brighton route.
- This is the full version, but requires ( in addition to the route, ) Class 70 Add-On Pack
from Steam (see below for additional information.)

Version : PurGrv_Def.rwp installs Purley Gravel Part 1 (Default) and Purley Gravel Part 2 (Default)
into the standard scenario menu of the London to Brighton route - This requires only default equipment
and rolling stock provided as a part of the route installation.


First obtain the necessary route ( see below. )

This scenario will only install into the "London to Brighton" route obtained from the
the Steam DLC Store.

Next (if running the Class 70 version only,) obtain the necessary "Class 70 Add-On" package
from the same Steam DLC source.

The scenarios are supplied via two".rwp" files. Start Railworks, but stop on the opening
(splash) page. Along the top of this page are a series of tabs. Select the package manager
tab. Click the "Install" button and select the "PurGrv....rwp" file you wish to install.

The selected Scenarios will install into the "London to Brighton" route as standard Scenarios.
NOTE: You may install both scenario versions -
they each have unique identification numbers and names.

Failure of a scenario is almost always due to missing rail equipment. RW_Tools is the best solution
for swapping equipment that is missing. http://www.rstools.info/rw_tools.html

Rev History
v0.5 beta driver and AI complete, no siding rollingstock, no scenery rev.
v0.3 re-write to eliminate AI problems
v1.0 completed siding rolling stock added scenery rev.


OPTIONAL : Those familiar with using RW_Tools may wish change the gravel hoppers to more prototypical
equipment. Just Trains offers two sets of gravel hoppers.

Of course read the installation instructions carefully before using any of the above. This
author has been successful in using these two .rwp files and Mike Simpson's RW_Tools ( a must for
any serious RW user,) to create a more prototype operating environment.


This scenario set will be particularly rewarding for those who like to "drive" their trains
from the cab.
Special thanks to the beta testers for this revision, Dr. Richard Carter and Don Hughes.

Your comments are welcome (actually desired) at jbfried@rochester.rr.com or on the
RW scenario forum, I'm jimbf

Hints Below

Part 1 - while the out of service locomotive is on Purley Gravel Siding 3, the siding can still be used...

Part 2 - while the delivery of the wagons must be in the same order as the train, there is no reason
to keep them in one string, while moving them in the Yard.



PART 1 - Below is one possible solution

1. Uncouple the incoming wagons onto Siding 3 as close to the disabled engine as possible.

2. Move to Siding 2 and couple to the wagons with the front coupler.

3. Move the "Siding 2" wagons to Siding 3 ( avoid coupling to incoming wagons.)

4. Move engine through Siding 2 to the "Shunt" track

5. Reverse to Siding 1 and couple to the "Siding 1" wagons.

6. Reverse out of the siding and stop on Purley Down Siding

7. Without uncoupling "Siding 1 wagons", go to Siding 3 and pick up the "Siding 2" wagons on
the front coupler.

8. Move to Siding 2 and uncouple the "siding 2" wagons.

9. Reverse towards the Down Siding and pull the "Siding 1" wagons back into Siding 1. Uncouple

10. Move the engine onto the Shunt siding and throw the switch to Siding 2 and couple to the
"Siding 2" wagons. Push them out to the Purley Gravel Down siding. Uncouple.

11. Drive the engine to the "Shunt" siding via Siding 2

12. Throw the switch for Siding 1. Couple to the "Siding 1" wagons and push them out
to the Down siding. Couple to the "Siding 2" wagons.

13. Uncouple engine (optional)

14. Drive to Siding 3 and couple to the "incoming wagons". Move them to Siding 2 and uncouple.
( you should get a confirmation message if correctly placed.)

15. Return to "Purley Down" siding and couple to outgoing string ( if necessary. )
You should get confirmation and the scenario should end.

PART 2 - Redhill Yard Only

1. Pull engine(s) onto the Redhill Goods Loop and stop engine(s) before the switch on the
south end of the marked Goods Loop

2. Set the switch to diverging ( not straight ) and pull train ahead until tank wagon clears
the junction ( switch ) on the north end of the Goods Loop

3. Uncouple the gravel wagons that remain on the Goods Loop

4. Pull remaining wagons ahead until they can reverse onto Redhill Up Siding 1.

5. Reverse and drop the wagons on Redhill Up Siding 2

6. Pull engine(s) ahead until on Redhill Up Siding 1. Stop

7. Set switches to reverse engine(s) towards Redhill Up Siding 3

8. when clear of the junction set, Stop and reset the path towards
the tank wagon on the Goods Loop

9. Couple to the wagons on the Goods Loop (using the front coupler,) and
push the wagons through the junctions on the North end of the Goods Loop.

10. Reverse through Redhill Up Siding 1 and couple the rear coupler to the
wagons on Redhill Up Siding 2.

11. Pull the "Siding 2" wagons out to Redhill Up Siding 1 and uncouple them
clear of any junction.

12. Move ahead with the "Goods Loop" wagons, reset switches to carry them
through the Goods Loop towards Redhill Up Siding 3

13. Reset the switches to push the "Goods Loop" wagons onto Redhill Up Siding 1 and
re-couple to the north end of the "Siding 2" wagons.
( At this point all of the wagons are coupled too the front coupler in the
required order.)

14. Push the wagons from Redhill Up Siding 1 to their destination the Redhill Up yard.

15. Uncouple engine(s). You should receive confirmation of this correct placement.

16. Complete the scenario by moving the engine(s) to the correct siding.

Trouble shooting : If no message ending the scenario - 1) check the placement of the wagons
2) check that the outgoing shipment is completely coupled, including the engine
3) make sure that the order of the wagons is the same as llisted in the
task list ( f1 key.)

NOTE: There are quicker solutions

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


DTG's Required Disclaimer

"IMPORTANT NOTICE. Everything on this site is user generated content designed for use with RailSimulator.com Limited’s train simulation products, including RailWorks 4: Train Simulator 2013, Train Simulator 2014 and Train Simulator 2015. RailSimulator.com Limited does not approve or endorse this user generated content and does not accept any liability or responsibility regarding it.

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The RailWorks EULA sets out in detail how user generated content may be used, which you can review further here: www.railsimulator.com/terms. In particular, this user generated content includes work which remains the intellectual property of RailSimulator.com Limited and which may not be rented, leased, sub-licensed, modified, adapted,copied, reproduced or redistributed without the permission of RailSimulator.com Limited."


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