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Adriana County RR v2.0

Saturday, 26 November 2022

by John (mindenjohn)

This is a variation on the magnificent route developed by Mark Howarth (Lt. Bligh). Originally a Steam
Workshop route subsequently revised and made available through the RWA library I have married the two
and fiddled around. The credit for this route lies with Mark Howarth as without his fine work none of
this would exist.

**** This version supercedes all versions previously posted by me. ****


Adriana County RR-v2 0 1

Adriana County RR - Extended v2

This version supercedes all versions previously posted by me.

This is a variation on the magnificent route developed by Mark Howarth (Lt. Bligh). Originally a Steam
Workshop route subsequently revised and made available through the RWA library I have married the two
and fiddled around. The credit for this route lies with Mark Howarth as without his fine work none of
this would exist.

This route includes the "married" Lt. Bligh versions plus the extensions previously posted under the names
"Adriana County RR - West Ridge", Adriana County RR - Extended (the Cannon Rock Branch with the Galena Branch).

The story goes:

During the great expansion West after the Civil War a railroad was driven West through the Lazy River Valley
via Lawson to join up with what became the Adriana County RR near to One Tree Hill. (see History of the
Lawson Branch). Following mergers and rationalisation the section East of the Redborne interchanges was
abandoned leaving the track plan similar to what we see today. The Lawson Branch is a major source of
"on-line" traffic.

In the 1960s the through route from Monticello Junction via Veonette to Claiborne was abandoned and all
traffic sent via Marlane. The opening of the plant at Veonette in the early 1990s caused the re-opening
from Monticello Junction to Veonette but no further.
In the 1990s the success of the Ethanol business plus an upsurge in Henderson traffic as well as the
continuing heavy traffic from Delray and Lawson to/from Claiborne was causing severe congestion
especially during the harvest season resulting in elevators suffering serious service difficulties.
The missing link over the West Ridge was approx 5 miles with the old trackbed in reasonable condition
so the line was re-instated. This route shortens the distance from Delray to Claiborne by 5.02 miles
and almost doubles the ACRR capacity. Most of the direct traffic now uses the West Ridge and most locals
the Marlane route resulting in much improved service levels.
When the line closed in the 1960s the West Ridge Sawmill was a very small customer with very old plant.
This has been re-vitalised following the re-opening and contributes lumber, woodchip and sawdust traffic
to the route.
The increase in traffic of stone and timber products from the Henderson branch caused delays at Marlane
when trains for Delray had to reverse direction with engine movements adding to the problems. A South to
East avoiding line has eased this enabling through non stop working from the Henderson Branch to/from
Delray and points in between.
The considerable increase in demand for timber products resulted in a timber loading siding being added
on the west side of the passing siding at Banks, again resulting in improved service provision.

The Cannon Rock Branch was originally built to the small township of Cannon Rock mainly for agricultural
traffic and was extended later into the hills to Galena for a Lead Mine complex. The Branch throughout was
expensive to build there being two tunnels and some stiff grades. When the Lead Mine closed the track beyond
Cannon Rock was abandoned but not fully lifted. Silica Sand was found near to Cannon Rock town. Silica Sand
is used in Glass manufacture and also in oil/gas production. The establishment of a plant to process the sand
at Cannon Rock saved the line from closure. The Silica Sand Plant owners have provided their employees with
sports facilities "on their side of the tracks".
A Museum was established in the old roundhouse and has thrived. The turntable has been overhauled, a wagon and
coach repair shop has been re-established and some historic locomotives now inhabit the roundhouse once more.
The Museum railway has running rights (Sunday only) from Cannon Rock to Montibello Junction and is busy re-
building the line to Galena although there is still a long way to go. This is shown in the route. During the
summer months there are visitor trains pushed up the Galena Branch as far as Galena Tunnel to show the guests
how the work progresses (and to raise funds).

Being a fictional route the above "story" is exactly that.

The original ACRR (a workshop route) used only DLC available from DTG, I have tried to keep to that but
in some locations have deviated so as to fulfill what I wanted to do. All items used are available from
either DTG DLC or the RWA library, use TS tools to identify if you have any missing items. One source of
scenic items I have used in a very few places are from SAD 2016 IKB3 (from an extremely good (IMHO the best)
German route. A few sounds and in a three places an interactive gate that opens as a train approaches and
closes after it has passed (Paper Mill, Baxter Recycling, Lawson Fuels entrances). If you do not have the
assets the gates will not be seen and the sounds will not be heard but the route will work.

This freeware and the original copyright is Mark Howarth's (Lt. Bligh). Many of the scenarios are Mark's
although I have amended a few to suit the revised track plan, my initials (JH) are on them purely to
identify and so you know who to blame.

Unzip the file and drop into your Railworks folder, which you should find in Steam/steamapps/common/, the
the files "Assets" and "Content" which are in the Railworks folder in this download.
This will place the Assets and Route in the correct place.
The Route will show up as "Adriana County RR - Extended v2".

There are Assets included which if not activated will NOT affect the route but are designed to enhance it.
Some of these (RSC items) require their .GEOPCDX files to be copied, pasted and modified. Details of these
requirements are in the ReadMe for each item in the folder "RSC items". If you don't want to use them,
it will not stop anything working but you may have "Missing Textures" on some buildings.
When I cloned the route I included the scenarios, some are those originally supplied with the route(s),
others are workshop routes and others are those I have either adapted or written.
You have the option to a) use them or b) delete some or all of them.
The scenarios are the property of their authors although as they have put them in the public domain there
should be no problem using them but please do not distribute them without due credit.

Change the stock in any scenario to suit your requirements using TS Tools/Change scenarios but remember to
Extract Route Properties and Scenario properties first.

DTG and/or Steam have no responsibility in any of the above other than providing the platform. I am not
responsible for any problems you have with your PC or anything else other than if you enjoy the route
changes and your coffee goes cold I will say "sorry, pour yourself another".
You can do whatever you like with this except make money from it.

I hope you enjoy my tinkering. Any problems drop me a PM via RWA.

October 25, 2022

Adriana County RR-v2 0 2

Adriana County RR-v2 0 3

Adriana County RR-v2 0 4

Adriana County RR-v2 0 5

Adriana County RR-v2 0 6

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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