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Blackwood Creek Branch 1990 Rev. 1

TS 2019
Saturday, 12 June 2021

by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)

Blackwood Creek 1990 is an adaption/extension of the original Blackwood Creek route by Lt. Bligh, originally posted on the Steam Workshop.

***Rev. 1 ***

This revision corrects the missing track on the Spartan Branch and corrects a few incomplete turnouts. Some signals have moved slightly as part of the revision in order to get the turnouts right.


Blackwood Creek Branch 1990

The original “Blackwood Creek” route is the creation of Lt. Bligh and this version is very heavily based on the original.
I am grateful to Lt. Bligh for the original and for permission to post this version. All of the scenarios written for
“Blackwood Creek” will run on this version as I have extended rather than replaced (where 'extending' may be considered
a little blurred I have used the original siding marker designations and added).New scenarios written for this version may not
run on the original and those included with this route will NOT run on the original.

I wanted to add more traffic to this superb route and backdate a little to before NS considered selling it off. In my history
there is a cement works beyond Cranston depot (40.14624, -76.24122), a turntable at the preservation depot (who still have
running rights, Sundays only), an intermodal terminal at Baumann on the Spartan Branch (40.16999, -76.38837), A spur to a
Plastics factory at Baumann, just by the main grade crossing and a 2 track yard at Whitestake (40.12061,-76.38692). The
numbers in brackets are the co-ordinates for easy and quick looksee.

In order to enable more than one loco at a time on the branch signals are required and so they are supplied. This allows
for AI traffic during switching operations and there is a long siding added just the Blackwood side of Baumann and the
siding alongside the sawmill at Blackwood has been extended to allow scenario writers to put the local “in the hole” at
either of these locations for an AI “Block” train (cement, coal etc) to pass.

Sadly by 2001 the cement plant had closed due to raw material (clay and lime) exhaustion, the plastics factory had turned
to trucking and the intermodal terminal had been deemed too small to be economic. This resulted in “rationalisation”
(accountant speak for destruction) and so we arrive at Lt. Bligh's history of Blackwood Creek and the track plan of 2001-15.

I have included 5 scenarios, well 3 really as 2 are the same except for the weather and season, which does change them
significantly. The winter ones are more tricky as you cannot see the signals or the switch settings as early.

Please note that these scenarios will not run on the original Blackwood Creek

My thanks to Buzz Baxter without whose encouragement this would not have been posted - it ain't his fault though!

The DLC requirements are as the original REQUIRED CONTENT: Sherman Hill, Norfolk Southern Coal District (Penn Coal),
Ohio Steel 2 or Colton Northern.

plus I have used assets from
Barnez – The Racetrack – MiJack loading cranes
DTG Feather River – some buildings
NewYorkNewHaven – some buildings
VNHRR/WVN – conveyor details
There may be the odd item from Donner Pass
None of the above are critical but make sense if you have them, it will work without them.

Rolling stock
I have used the KUJU North American assets as default plus
Justin Cornell's GP38-2 with various repaints from the RWA library
SS/JR 23K tank cars with Buzz Baxter's ADM repaint (RWALlibrary)
and various items of stock from the RWA library.  Without the RWA library the TS game would be much the poorer.

As always if you don't have or don't want the rolling stock feel free to use RW Tools to swap in/out whatever lights your candle.

The permission given by Lt. Bligh to use his route, as I have, is subject to it not being used for any purpose involving the
making of money nor can it be used without his permission. This version is issued on the same conditions. Lt. Bligh and I
are not responsible for any problems you experience with your computer (or anything else for that matter). It is freeware
and is issued without DTG/RSC or anyone else's recommendation, approval etc.

I hope you enjoy it.

Blackwood Creek Branch 1990 Rev 1

This revision corrects the missing track on the Spartan Branch (it's there but can be invisible!) and corrects the
few incomplete turnouts there were (missing check rails). Some signals have moved slightly as part of the revision in order to get the turnouts right.

Existing Scenarios should be unchanged as any markers affected have been restored as before.

7 June 2021

To Install

After unzipping open the Blackwood Creek Branch 1990 folder and copy (Ctrl C) the file : 1b71a393-10c2-42fa-8b84-5e89d6d2db96
and paste (Ctrl V) it into your Railworks/Content/Routes folder usually found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Railworks\Content

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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