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Rutherford Junction

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Rutherford Junction by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)


An imaginary network set in the USA. It is a secondary route running roughly East (Rose Valley) – West (Holliday) with branches to the South and South West.

Repaints for the Alco S2 are also available.


Rutherford Junction 2

Rutherford Junction

An imaginary network set in the USA. It is a secondary route running roughly East (Rose Valley) – West (Holliday) with branches to the South and South West.

I have used mostly BN engines in the scenarios but you may swap them out by using RW Tools for your own choice.

Rutherford Yard is the centre of operations and has a variety of local rail users providing switching and traffic requirements including an Industrial Park. There is a small engine facility here (most servicing is carried out off scene) and there is an intermodal terminal on the site of the former passenger depot and commissary area.

To the East of town, at the junction, there is a Railroad Park (based loosely on Rochelle, Il, there are other parks but I haven't visited them) and further East there is a Cargill Elevator adjacent to the line to Rose Valley, its Power Plant and holding yard.

South of the junction on the route to Hitchens Junction (interchange with ATSF) the McParland Quarry branch turns off and climbs into the hills to the aggregates quarry and a little after the quarry junction is the Sawmill at Hitchens.

On the West side of town the former branch to Banks now only connects as far as the mine at Forest Hills which is a source of high calorific value, bituminous, low sulphur coal.

Further west the Taylorville branch splits off the line to Holliday. The Collins elevator is the only on line source of business on this line but the DRGW interchange at Taylorville is worth the line being kept in use.

The Holliday line has a steel mill and yard although most of the mill is off scene. Here trains of Taconite arrive from the North, Coal and Limestone from the South and finished goods are shipped out. On site switching is carried out by the mill's own small fleet of Alco S2 switchers.

There are 4 free roam and 6 standard scenarios, use RW Tools to swap out stock you don't have or don't want to have.

Payware Used          US Assets Pack and KUJU Rail Simulator US Plus the following

Chicago – Aurora (The Racetrack)       (Barnez in the assets list) ESSENTIAL
                     All trackwork and some assets

Penn Coal                Structures and assets

RWA Lakeside            Some assets

RCAP                    some assets

Freeware Used         Mostly if not all available in the RWA library and I am grateful to them all

Dogmouse                Alco S2 and scenery

Mindenjohn               Alco S2 repaints

Great Northerner            Allegheny/GNRy/SD7/9  Rolling stock and assets
WA Campbell/Tim Muir        Clutter and R.I.P track

RVR scenery                Road Decals

EMDSD90MAC                Clutter/modern coal facility/Propane Tanks


Click on the file c9549df8-9f6b- etc. use Control-C and drop into your \steamapps\common\railworks\content\routes file (Control-V)

Rutherford Junction 1


Rutherford Junction 3

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