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Montana Rail Link

Friday, 05 January 2018

By Jawal

This route is located in the northern US, in the Montana Rockies, not far from Marias Pass.
It goes from Paradise MN to Missoula MN.

Make sure you download the 2 zip files from the list below.


Zawal MRL image00

Montana Rail Link route for DTG Train Simulator
by Zawal

Welcome to Montana Rail Link!
It depicts a real line except for the town of Missoula that I shrunk for performance reasons (the real-life town spans several miles).
The route is located in the northern US, in the Montana Rockies, not far from Marias Pass.
It goes from Paradise MN to Missoula MN.



Zawal MRL map by rabby62

Map by Jean-Pierre
Route features:

  • 6 passenger stations and 2 freight depots including the largest (in Missoula) with a functional container gantry. There is also a functional coal loading mine also near Paradise.
  • 80 miles total length, it will take you 2 hours to run the whole route.
  • Evaro col is a challenge with 2.5 % grades.
  • PierreG's custom assets and custom MRL reskins for Kuju locos and wagons.
  • Free assets from Michael Zimmer, WACampbell, JPetersJ and Nitsujy12345 from RWA.
  • Quick drive scenarios.
  • My free-roam and standard scenarios, simple but fun.
  • Additional scenarios from Christophe (Beluxtrains).


Zawal MRL image13


Payware requirements

  • Marias Pass route from DTG
  • European asset pack from DTG
  • US asset pack from DTG

Some additional payware may be used in scenarios but can be swapped out using RW-Tools or the TS scenario editor.
More specifically, the Amtrak F40PH ‘California Zephyr’ Loco Add-On http://store.steampowered.com/app/208296/Train_Simulator_Amtrak_F40PH_California_Zephyr_Loco_AddOn/

For non-US players, an international version without the Marias Pass requirement will be available soon.


Installation instructions

  1. Download the two zip files (Zawal_MRL_Route.zip and Zawal_MRL_assets.zip) and extract them in a temporary folder. You will then have a bunch of rwp packages.
  2. Using the Railworks package manager (utilities.exe in your Railworks folder), install each package from the temporary folder.



Zawal MRL image01


Zawal MRL image02


Zawal MRL image03


Zawal MRL image04


Zawal MRL image05


Zawal MRL image06


Zawal MRL image07


Zawal MRL image08


Zawal MRL image09


Zawal MRL image10


Zawal MRL image11


Zawal MRL image12


Zawal MRL Image12


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