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Cajon Pass Alpha

TS 2017
Friday, 18 August 2017

Cajon Pass Alpha by Tim Zorn (Tomcat)

Cajon_Mojave.7z - 459 MB

Cajon Pass and surrounding subdivisions

Description: Cajon Pass and surrounding subdivisions by Tim Zorn (Tomcat)
Cajon-Mojave Alpha: Full BNSF Cajon Subdivision
   Full BNSF Mojave Subdivision
   Full U.P. Colton Palmdale Cutoff
   U.P. Mojave Subdivision up to Mojave yard
   Small portions of BNSF Needles & San Bernardino Subdivisions
   Small Portions of U.P. Alhambra, Yuma & Cima Subdivisions
   Full yards at locations;
   BNSF San Bernardino A & B yards, Barstow yard
   U.P. West Colton, Mojave & Yermo yards
Payware Dependencies:
DTG:     TS Marketplace:
Cajon Pass    Renewable Energy Pack
Pacific Surfliner
Sherman Hill
Steven's Pass
Freeware Dependencies:
Available from 3DTrains:
  ScaleRail Freeware Edition
  ATSF ScaleRail Freeware Edition
  SP ScaleRail Freeware Edition
Available from Railworks America:
 Railworks Community Asset Project v2.09.29.13- by (RCAP)
 Chassis Pack v3 by Daniel Meyer (danpmeyer)
 M1A2 Abrams flatcars by Jorge Alsina (jalsina)
Available from Golden Age of Railroading: Under TS2017 Scenery tab
 Coal Mine Conveyor Loft
 Pipeline Lofts
and recommended
Alpenfreights Simple Weather Mod from Railworks America
The Good Stuff
Cajon_Mojave.7z  contains the following;
 1) 9440eb2e-a1d0-4732-b737-b0a1607325ce Route folder
 2) EMDSD90MAC  Asset folder – Assets from Steven Titze
 3) John Lippai   Asset folder – Assets from John Lippai
 4) Paint Shed  Asset folder – Assets from Paint Shed
 5) SMMDigital  Asset folder – Assets from Jerry Conaway
 6) Tomcat  Asset folder – Important for route markers to show in editor
 7) Cajon_Mojave_Readme.txt file – You may want to print this out or save it somewhere safe.
 8) 1 thumbnail and 4 jpg's – you can delete these if you want – route thumbnail that displays in game     when selecting a route is already in the route folder .
Installation Recap:
1) Make Sure you have all the Payware dependencies
2) Make sure you have acquired and installed all the 3DTrains freeware files
3) Make sure you have acquired and installed RCAP
4) Make sure you have acquired and installed M1A2 Abrams flatcars by jalsina
5) Make sure you have acquired and installed Coal Mine Conveyor Loft & Pipeline Lofts from Golden Age of Railroading
6) Make sure you have acquired and installed Chassis Pack v3 by Daniel Meyer (danpmeyer)
6a) I would, for safeties sake, backup the above mentioned asset folders if you already have them in your Railworks  installation.
7) Place the folder 9440eb2e-a1d0-4732-b737-b0a1607325ce into your Routes folder:
 A standard path would be the following;
 (Yourdrive):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Content\Routes
 Replace (YourDrive) with the drive letter for your installation.
 Obviously if you have a non-standard path then I assume you know where your Routes folder is.
8) Place the 5 Asset folders into the following location:
 (Yourdrive):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets
 Replace (YourDrive) with the drive letter for your installation.
 Again, if you have a non-standard path you know what to do.

Cajon_Mojave Alpha is now and forever freeware and is supplied as is. Cajon_Mojave Alpha is to be available only at Railworks America or directly from me. There is no warranty or guarantee, explicit or implicit, with Cajon_Mojave Alpha. You install Cajon_Mojave Alpha at your own risk and you assume all responsibility for anything that goes haywire with either installing or running Cajon_Mojave Alpha. If you do not agree to accept responsibility then your only option is to not download Cajon_Mojave Alpha.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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