Saluda Grade

TS 2017
Sunday, 18 June 2017

Saluda Grade by Kyle Prestwood (kylewoody)

SaludaGrade.rar - 1.9 MB

Route add-on for Saluda, NC and surrounding area circa 1970-80s

This is a route add-on for the Saluda Grade in North Carolina.  It covers approximately 8 miles so it is realtively short however; you will traverse this route slowly since downgrade you are limited to 8MPH for the electronic timing section to keep you aligned with mainline and not switched to the runaway track.  Upgrade you will be lucky to get your MPH into the 'teens when hauling freight up nearly 5% grades.  As well, a lot of trains need to be "doubled" or even "tripled" when going up the hill since the locomotives can't manage to tackle the grade in one go.  Leaving some of the consist down in Melrose, you will haul up the first section onto the Saluda Siding, leaving it there then running around the cars using the crossover and back down the hill "light" with engines only, then pick up the rest.  Either way you can end up playing around with this route for quite some time - I ensured to model enough length on either end to fit the "Belmont" Unit Coal Train that Southern would run up and down this grade, which would have been the longest freight passing through the mountain at nearly 100 cars long and 7 locomotives.
A good source of info for operations in this area can be found on Robin Michael's website:  There is plenty of links about running up and down the mountain, stop locations, setting of brake retainers (which isn't really modelled in Railworks, however you can kind of cheat and set a few handbrakes on the first freight cars as a workaround), etc.
For full detail such as roadsigns, relay boxes, etc. ensure scenery density is turned all the way up.  Don't worry, it's not too crazy - your PC should be able to handle it, I built and run this routue on a modest laptop.
This route utilizes the payware DLC routes of: Feather River Canyon, Penn Coal District, Sherman Hill, and the US Assets.
Easiest way is to extract the "acfeaab1-a68a-489c-9e1b-c3e566369817" folder located in this zipped file following the folder directory paths provided.  This means that the "acfeaab1-a68a-489c-9e1b-c3e566369817" folder should end up on your hard drive looking something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Content\Routes\acfeaab1-a68a-489c-9e1b-c3e566369817". 
That's it!  Should appear under your routes as "Saluda Grade" and is Quick-Drive ready for runs either direction.
Many thanks to the website and forum for guidance.  Also Robin Michael's website listed above helped really pin down some details.  A very big thank you to handle "lj0109" on the railworksamerica forum too for the guidance and information with speed limits, signal locations, and grades on the route.
I am not liable whatsoever for anything that happens to you, your computer, your dog, career, or anything else potentially snowballing after you download this file. 
This add on may be redistributed as freeware but shall not be sold under any circumstances.
Kyle Prestwood

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