Mt. Hood RR

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mt. Hood RR by Michael (MadMike1024) Calvin


Hood River RR v02


Hood River RR v02 Map

The Mt. Hood RR v 0.02 - A Work in Progress.  Here is the second public release.

It is very much a WIP, and considered a BETA release. No guarantees of fitness or even operability are expressed or implied. ;)

This was packaged with the default RW2 packager, so use the Installer to load the Hood_River_RR.rwp file.

I've included two custom repaints specially made for the route. One is Great Northener's HH660 in HRRR paint, and a custom HoodRiver station.

You must have the Project Platform and Allaboard's Ft. Kent payware items installed for the route to work properly. Additional items are needed, see the forum under 'Route Design' and check the thread about the route for more information.

As it stands, the East/West UP main is in place ( 6 miles) with a passing siding on the West end for AI trains to be added later. The switching/shunting in the Industrial area is updated and fully operational and will give someone a few hours of pleasure. A map and loads schedule is included. The default Free roam scenario is empty except for a small switcher at the Neal Creek sawmill.

The 21 mile climb to Parkdale OR is all laid, with about 8-10 miles of completed scenery. The start of the logging branch at Dee is done, but not advanced.

Under normal circumstances (when completed!) the UP will drop freight, and collect freight for transfer on down the line. Your job, is to service the industrial area, taking in supplies either brought down the hill, or dropped off for you. Once completed, you will have filled cars, for the UP to gather, and empties to go back up the hill.

Freight service is a once a day (twice during fruit picking) operation into Parkdale and back. Passenger tours are done three times a day, with the dinner train being the evening run.

All trains MUST be operated Locomotive forward from the switchback to Parkdale and back to the switchback. There is a turntable at Parkdale, as well as water, oil,  and sand.

Currently, the speed limits on the hill are 35 or 45 MPH in the open, and 25 MPH in congested areas and at the shoofly around the bridge washout at MP 1. Local yard and industrial areas are limited to 15 MPH. All are signed using the GN speedposts and tigers

Please, if you find any errors or obvious omissions, let me know so they can be corrected.

Thanks, MadMike1024

Asset List:

3D Trains Scaleroad Freeware, 3D Trains Scenery Packs Freeware, and 3D Trains Scalerail Freeware - - Consider getting the full version, it looks great!   Allaboard Fort Kent route (Payware) Community Project Platform (Payware) Both of these are available on Steam as DLC

RW Scenery--Crate & Lumber Loaders - (free)

GNRwy Railnetwork and GNRwy Scenery - From the Big Horn Sub (free)-

Download everything you find here:

John Lippai -NRD Warehouse Pack and Trestle Pack - (free) Scrapheaps - (free)

Josef72 - Mosty_Beton and Mostky_1 (bridges) - (free)

Karma99 - Scenery - Yardlampgeneric - (free)

Kuju Railsimulator and Railworks US assets

Micheal/addon03 - Me, the route data, special repaints, etc. (Included and free)

Paint Shed - Asphalt - (free)

PCBauer - COA_milepost - (free)

SAD Foilage pack -

SMMDigital - Scenery - Buildings - (free)

Logging Camp Crane - (free)

Freight Steel Crane - (free)

SMMDigitals Searchlight signals are used on the UP Main and can be found at as the 'US&S H2 Searchlight Signals Beta 3.2'

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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