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FlatcarRTTX90 TOFC Pack1

Saturday, 18 November 2023

by Bernard Lafargue (QcRail)

Pack1 groups the first serie of semi-trailers, which can be loaded on RTTX90 flatcars, (i.e. to be found within the Marias Pass Route or the Mount Shasta Line: Dunsmuir - Klamath Falls Route ).


FlatcarRTTX90 TOFC Pack01

45ft TOFC Semi-trailers by QcRail

Pack1 groups the first serie of semi-trailers, which can be loaded on RTTX90 flatcars, (i.e. to be found within the Marias Pass Route or the Mount Shasta Line: Dunsmuir - Klamath Falls Route ).

This semi-trailer package is inspired from an old Railwork asset named «900000ft\NewEngland\Scenery\Equipment», just for the trucking company name and a preliminary view on the graphic setting. The original semi-trailer had two major drawback. 1) its texture map was 512x512, giving fuzzy graphics and little opportunity for finer lettering details.  Furthermore the texture file had only one side to serve as both sides of the trailer, forcing to center
the company logo at the center of the trailer side; quite restraining as most trucking companies offset its logo and the logo, either, sits at front or near the rear of the box.

The new package uses the trailer 3d-model from the «RSC\MariasPass» asset. The difference is that the texture map is boosted to 1024x1024, while having 2 sides to give independant graphic surfaces, now we have variety, flexibility and improved graphic resolution.

This pack is made-up of two individual assets :
    1. «QcRail\Scenery\Vehicules» for all the new semi-trailers, often with two or more versions of the same trucking company.
    2. «RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Freight\FlatcarRTTX90» for the 90ft flatcar and, either, one or two trailers are loaded as «child objects» provided by the QcRail asset. Since each flatcar uses every parameters of the Marias Pass asset there is no need to copy/paste its .GeoPcDx file. It is linked to the Default Folder, which is not included in this pack.
    Note : each semi-trailer is available as a stand alone object to populate your industries or rail yards.   

45ft. Trailers included in this package
TOFC_Ribbed-H (plain)
TOFC_Ribbed-V (plain)

Note to newbies:
This package is specifically offered for the RSC Marias Pass and not Mount Shasta Line; instructions in the flatcar_name.bin file have the be rewritten to insure a working link to the Mount Shasta route).

Lets say you have the Mount Shasta Line installed instead of the Marias Pass and would like to load these semi-trailers on the SP 90ft-flatcar, you will have to alter each flatcar asset to be functional in the Mount Shasta Line, i.e.:
        - Existing, in the MariasPass Route: «RSC\MariasPass\RailVehicles\Freight\FlatcarRTTX90\TOFC_ACE\» (expl. ACE trucking) to ...
        _ New, in the Mount Shasta Line : «JL\Shasta\RailVehicles\Freight\FlatcarRTTX90\TOFC_ACE\».

Installation :

    - Copy the Assets folder to your Railworks folder. Accept the prompt about merging folders.

When setting up a consist, make sure to activate "QcRail+Scenery" provider (menu on the right side of the scenario editor. If not, the trailer will not show.
    - Add ** QcRail ** and ** Scenery ** to your Object Set Filter.

    - Details:
        Open your route in the Route Editor.
        Click on the browser tab on the left.
        Click on the small blue cube with an orange triangle icon to open your Object Set Filter.
        In the Object Set Filter panel on the right, select ** QcRail ** in the upper drop-down box,
        Place check marks in the product box ** Scenery **.

This package is released as freeware.  Do whatever you wish with it EXCEPT make commercial use.

Enjoy, Bernard Lafargue, aka QcRail
November 2023

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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