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PCC Streetcar

Thursday, 03 November 2011

PCC Streetcar by Richard (RScott) Scott.

PCCStreetcar.zip 12 MB




Install the RWP in the normal way, through the Package Manager.
This pack includes a Toronto Transportation Commission version and one for the Los Angeles Transit Lines. There are some detail differences between the two. I have compromised by having the same interior and passenger view for both vehicles. I have made separate cabs, so the doors are the correct colour when they open.
The RWP will create a folder in your Asset folder called RScott and also one called Addon. Within this are the files for the trams. To place the tram in a scenario, you need to click the blue cube on the left, then select RScott and tick Addon from the right hand side of the screen. You will now find PCC Streetcar LA and PCC Streetcar Toronto in the loco list.. Remember to add a driver.
In free roam, numbers and destinations are allocated at random. However, you should be able to select the number and destination when creating a scenario.
The Model

The train and cab models were made by me in 3DCanvas. Physics, sounds and cab control blueprints are based on original ones by Darren Carter. Sounds are not all genuine PCC ones. When I did see one of these operating, at the Halton Radial Museum in Ontario. it was a track grinder variant which makes a different noise!

Driving the Streetcar
Most keyboard controls are the same as usual for Railworks. Cab controls in these cars were fairly basic. On getting in the cab you must release the handbrake. The reverser is located under your seat. There are three pedals. The one on the left is the deadman's control. The middle one is the train brake and the right hand one is the throttle. To simplify things, I have linked the deadman's and throttle pedals.

In front of you are the switches to control other actions (not all are animated). Note that (especially in Toronto) these streetcars were fitted with electric fans; presumably to cool the driver in the summer, or clear the windscreen in winter. If you press C you will switch the fan on (visible in cab and from the outside). When you stop at a streetcar stop/station and press T, you will see the front doors open. (note that sometimes, if lights and wipers are also on, this animation slows down!).

PCC Streetcar's were rarely fitted with speedometers, but did usually have an ammeter.
Pressing H will switch the headlight on and the rear lights.
Also, when you put the headlights on, the light in the cab and passenger view comes on. The lights are set to not cast shadows, as this has a performance hit. It does look better with lights casting shadows. So if you want this you can use RW Tools to edit the light files that you will find in the Engine folder. Using lights like this, has meant I can use decent shaders for the cab and passenger view, rather than the flat Tex one.

Reverser Forward W
Reverser Back S
Pole Up or Down P
Throttle Forward A
Throttle back D
Handbrake /
Wipers V
Headlights H
Bell Space Bar
Open doors T
Fan C
Passenger View 5

Don't forget to release the handbrake using /

See the more detailed manual in the zip


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Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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