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Scenery and other models


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    RIP Track Clutter

    RIP Track Clutter by Wayne Campbell (wacampbell)

    WACampbell_RIPClutter.zip - 1 MB

    Clutter objects for detailing around a RIP track or other yard area

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    1969 Dodge Chargers V1

    1969 Dodge Chargers V1 by Jonathan Peters ((jpetersjr)

    69_Chargers_V1.rar - 3.8 MB

    A set of six versions of the 1968 Dodge Charger, the first version is the General Lee.

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    Spooky Trees

    Spooky Trees by Ken Long

    SpookyTrees.zip - 1 MB

    As it appears to be the silly season, Game Of Gnomes and all that, I thought I would put up some silly big trees

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    Desert Plants Pack 1

    Desert Plants Pack 1 by Ken Long

    desert1.zip - 1.7 MB

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    Derelict Shed 4

    Derelict Shed 4 by Ken Long

    derelictsheds_example.zip - 1.2 MB

    This is an example (one hut only) from the free Pack Derelict Sheds

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    Dead Tree

    Dead Tree by Ken Long

    deadtree.zip - 582 kb

    The full pack contains a number of trees, mostly dead ones). Includes winter textures.

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    Small Concrete Shed

    Small Concrete Shed by Ken Long

    concretehutsmall.zip - 746 kb

    A small concrete constructed lineside hut

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    Bridge Example

    Bridge Example by Ken Long

    bridge_example.zip - 3.7 MB

    This is an example (one bridge only) from the free Pack 1 Part A of the bridges and tunnels collection

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    60s 70s Cars Pack 1

    60s 70s Cars Pack 1 by Jonathon Peters (jpetersjr)

    60s_70s_Cars_Pack1.rar - 21.4 MB

    This new update replaces the old 1960s Cars Pack 2 with the new file and new title.

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    Lamborghini Countach Cars

    Lamborghini Countach Cars by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    Lamborgini_Countach_Cars.rar - 2.6 MB

    A set of four Lamborghini Countach models

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    Rail Greasers

    Rail Greasers by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Railgreasers.zip - 2.6 MB

    Portec Rail Products rail greasers

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    Switchmans Shanty

    Switchmans Shanty by Steven J. Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Switchmans Shanty.zip - 1.4 MB

    Old Switchmans Shanty

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    Railcar Loading Platform

    Railcar Loading Platform by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Railcar Loading Platform.zip - 1.5 MB

    Railcar loading platform I modeled.

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    500 Gallon Trackside Fuel Tank

    500 Gallon Trackside Fuel Tank by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Trackside Fuel Tank.zip - 1.2 MB

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    River Tow Boat

    River Tow Boat by Steven J. Titze (emdsd90mac)

    River Tow Boat.zip - 1 MB

    River tow (tug) boat as seen on the Ohio, Mississippi and other rivers that see barge traffic.

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    Asset Update 2014

    Asset Update 2014 by Mike Durdan (mdurdan)

    MD_Asset_update.rar - 9 MB

    Update of my older glowing and out dated assets to new 2014 standards

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    Inner City Classic Buildings

    Inner City Classic Buildings by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    Inner_City_Classic_Buildings.rar - 23.9 MB

    A set of classic style city buildings.

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    Chevrolet Master Automobiles

    Chevrolet Master Automobiles by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    Chevrolet_Master_Automobiles.rar - 3.2 MB

    A small set of 1937 Chevrolet Master automobiles.

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    Dutch Catenary System

    Dutch Catenary System by "no name given" (Tankje)

    NewCatanary.zip - 2.8 MB

    Dutch catenary System with portals extr.

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    Peter Bauer Barns and Silos Reskins (jj)

    Peter Bauer Barns and Silos Reskins (jj) uploaded by Tori Morgan (Toripony)

    BarnsSilosReskins_jj.zip - 3.6 MB

    This contains repaints for Peter Bauer's Barns and Silos

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