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Scenery and other models


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    US Billboards 2

    US Billboards 2 by Harry R. Adkins (HarryAdkins)

    US_Billboard_2.7z - 2.2 MB

    More Billboards for TS2017

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    Crossbuck Pack

    Crossbuck Pack by Justin Riese (Nitsujy12345)

    Crossbuck pack.zip - 10.2 MB

    5 crossbucks, 5 # of track signs, two placards w/ crossing #, one reflective strip

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    Interurban Flag Stop & Clutter

    Interurban Flag Stop & Clutter by John Williams (RailWanderer)

    InterurbanAssets.7z - 1.3 MB

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    TWA Super Constellation

    TWA Super Constellation by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    TWA Super Constellation.rar - 1.9 MB

    A set of one airplane passenger liner

    UPDATED: 1/14/2017 Original version had 93 downloads

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    Retro Buildings V2

    Retro Buildings V2 by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    Retro_Buildings_V2.rar - 23 MB

    An update to my original Retro Buildings V1 pack, added some new buildings to the pack

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    European Flags

    European Flags by Basi

    Europe_Flags.zip - 168 kb

    Repaint several European flags using the RCAP flag.

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    PRR Whistle Post

    PRR Whistle Post by Ryan (ryan9550)

    PRR_Whistle_Post.zip - 365 kb

    Pennsylvania Railroad whistle post

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    Helena GA Brick Bulding Mural

    Helena GA Brick Bulding Mural by Andrew Craun (RailfanNSDE)

    BrickBuilding2.rar - 711 kb

    Bulding that is found in HelenaGA with mural tried to get mural straight on bulding

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    BirdHouse by no name (RailfanNSDE)

    birdhouse.zip - 649 kb

    Birdhouses for your route

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    Retro Buildings V1

    Retro Buildings V1 by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (petersjr)

    Retro_Buildings_V1.rar - 10.4 MB

    A set of a couple vintage gas stations and a vintage diner

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    NRL-NSL DC 4 Airplanes

    NRL-NSL DC 4 Airplanes By Jonathan Peters (jpetersjr)

    NRL_NSL_Airplanes.zip - 4.2 MB - UPDATED 26 DEC 15

    DC 4 aircraft

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    Thompson's Corner Scenery

    Thompson's Corner Scenery by Wayne Campbell (wacampbell)

    WACampbell_ThompsonsCorner.zip - 1.3 MB

    Country store and wooden bridge from my Thompson's Corner scene on the RW&A route

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    Clutter Items

    Clutter Items by Steven J. Titze (emdsd90mac)

    Clutter Items.zip - 5.8 MB

    New misc. clutter items for your route building pleasures

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    D & M Pumphouse

    D & M Pumphouse by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    DM_Pumphouse.zip - 798 kb

    Washrack pumphouse

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    Steam Era Locomotive Washrack

    Steam Era Locomotive Washrack by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Washrack.zip - 1.8 MB

    Locomotive washrack as seen in Hinton, WV

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    Large Propane Storage Tanks

    Large Propane Storage Tanks by Steve Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    Large_Propane_Storage_Tanks.zip - 1.2 MB

    These are large propane storage tanks as seen in many town along rail lines

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    Misc New Clutter Items

    Misc New Clutter Items by Steven Titze (EMDSD90MAC)

    New Model Uploads to RWA.zip - 10.3 MB

    Models of new clutter items

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    New Modern Traffic Lights

    New Modern Traffic Lights by Soren Lerma (Amtrack505)

    New_Modern_TrafficLights.zip - 9.4 MB

    A pack of brand new traffic lights for route builders to see more accurate road scenery

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    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupes

    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupes by Jonathan Peters (jpetersjr)

    1957_Chevrolet_Bel_Airs.rar - 15.4 MB

    A set of vintage 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air cars

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    Harley Davidson Bikes

    Harley Davidson Bikes by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr (jpetersjr)

    Harley_Davidson_Bikes.rar - 4 MB

    A set of several Harley Davidson Motor Cycles

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