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Accessories & Tools


Rolling stock accessories and tools for manipulating them.


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    US Workers and Driver Characters

    US Workers and Driver Characters by Christopher (IronCat60)

    US Workers.rar - 3.7 MB

    Re-texture of US Worker and Driver Characters

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    CPRR "Jupiter" Retextures

    CPRR "Jupiter" Retextures by Daniel Gollery (trainboi)

    CP_Schenectadies.7z - 56 MB

    Authentic recolors of Smokebox's Schenectady 4-4-0s

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    Empire Builder Coach Texture Upgrade

    Empire Builder Coach Texture Upgrade by Martin Ashwill (thegevo5k)

    SuperlinerUpgrade.rar - 26 MB

    A complete texture overhaul for the coaches that come with the Empire Builder pack

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    B&LE coupler fix

    B&LE coupler fix by Unknown

    This fixes the couplers on the freight cars that come with the B&LE Route.

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    SD45T-2 Kodachrome Accurate Textures

    SD45T-2 Kodachrome Accurate Textures by Gianni Pulone (PNWR1854)

    kodachrome_hood.zip - 4.2 MB

    Top of short hood is black as it should be, requires highest graphics

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    ATSF F45 Number Fix

    ATSF F45 Number Fix

    ATSF_F45_Fix.rar - 9.5 MB

    A number texture fix for all twenty of my ATSF F45 repaints

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    RSC P42 Number fix

    RSC P42 Number fix by Adan D (bigdean)

    RSC P42 Number Fix.zip - 3 kb

    Fixes the P42 heritage pack numbers

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    SP CF Tender Mod

    SP CF Tender Mod by Matt Blackburn (CArailroader)

    SP_CF_Tender_Mod.zip - 210 kb

    This mod turns the actual tender included with the RSC CabForward Pack, into a working tender that is refuelable with water and fuel

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    Editor Tools

    Editor Tools by no name (IronCat60)

    Editor_Tools.rar - 412 kb

    Tools to measure and align in World Editor

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    Canadian Pacific ES44AC Number Expansion

    Canadian Pacific ES44AC Number Expansion by Daniel Gibbs (dmgibbs1997)

    CP_ES44AC_Number_Expansion.zip - 173 kb

    A number expansion for the CP GEVO, which comes with the Canadian Mountain Passes route

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    Alaska Railroad GP38-2 Number Expansion

    Alaska Railroad GP38-2 Number Expansion by Daniel Gibbs (dmgibbs1997)

    ARRGP38-2NumberExpansion.zip - 107 kb

    A number expansion for the Alaska Railroad GP38-2

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    Dash 9 Physics Mod

    Dash 9 Physics Mod by David Whiting (dtrainBNSF1)

    Dash9_MOD.zip - 204 kb

    This is a modification that updates the physics on the Dash 9-44CW and the NS Dash 9-40CW

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    Pere Marquette Berkshire Firebox Texture Patch

    Pere Marquette Berkshire Firebox Texture Patch by Ted Thompson (TG626)

    PMBerkshireFireboxTexPatch.zip - 780 kb

    This is a patch for the "Pere Marquette Berkshire"

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    Cologne Dusseldorf with Rain Occlusions

    Cologne Dusseldorf with Rain Occlusions by Jareb Blake (bekns) Cologne Dusseldorf with Rain Occlusions.zip - 3.2MB
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    P42DC Texture Upgrade

    P42DC Texture Upgrade by Tony Nguyen (ZekTheKid)

    P42_Upgrade.zip - 3.7 MB

    Texture replacements for RSC P42DC

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    John Deere 4440 Tractor Texture Upgrade

    John Deere 4440 Tractor Texture Upgrade by

    4440_Textures.zip - 380 kb

    John Deere 4440 tractor textures to replace the old Kuju tractor textures

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    Clear Creek Dynamo Steam

    Clear Creek Dynamo Steam by John Stephens (JohnS)

    CC_Dynamo.zip - 208 kb

    Adds Steam effect to the dynamo generator on the narrow gauge locomotives that come with the Clear Creek

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    VNHRR 44 Tonner number and color fix

    VNHRR 44 Tonner number and color fix by John Stephens (JohnS)

    44Ton_fix.zip - 416 kb

    Corrects the Numbering and texture color of the numbers for both the GE 44 Tonners that come with the VNHRR

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    Baldwin RF-16 Coupler Fix

    Baldwin RF-16 Coupler Fix by Daniel Gibbs

    RF-16 Coupler Fix.zip - 4 kb

    A coupler fix for the Baldwin RF-16 from Steam

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    LukRailAmerica ET44 Number Fix

    LukRailAmerica ET44 Number Fix by Nate Carpenter (NWIRailfan)

    ET44AC Numbering Mod.rar - 1 kb

    A simple mod fixing the default ET44AC numbers to match those on Norfolk Southern's roster

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