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Rolling stock accessories and tools for manipulating them.


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    Chicago Yard added portals and signals

    Chicago Yard added portals and signals by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    Chicago Yard added portals and signals.zip - 983 Kb

    This file will add portals and also signals out the yards and mainlines for "Chicago Yard" so you can add AI traffic.

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    QD Setup for Seebergbahn v 2.2

    QD Setup for Seebergbahn v 2.2 by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    QD Setup for Seebergbahn v 2-2.zip - 97 Kb

    This is the Quick Drive setup for "Seebergbahn" v 2.2.

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    WCML Terrain Fix

    WCML Terrain Fix by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    WCML Terrain Fix.zip - 360 Kb

    This is a fix for "WCML Terrain at Law Junction"

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    Castle Rock Fix

    Castle Rock Fix by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    Castle Rock Fix.zip - 878 Kb

    This is a fix for the signal Links pointing the wrong way and the deisel filler at Castle Rock Intermodal being backwards.

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    WLOS Track Fix

    WLOS Track Fix by Robert Meek (robbit)

    WLOS Track Fix.zip - 2 MB

    This is a fix for the break in the track near the Country bordes.  Where you enter for the military sidings section.

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    WCML Buffer Fix

    WCML Buffer Fix by Robert Meek (robbit)

    WCML Buffer Fix.zip - 1.3 MB

    This is a fix to remove the etra buffers in the middle of the tracks at Glasgow Central Station.

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    HSC Track Fix

    HSC Track Fix by Robert Meek (robbit)

    HSC track Fix.zip - 1.1 MB

    This is a fix for the break in the track near Portage.

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    NEC manual switch fix

    NEC manual switch fix by Buzz Baxter (Buzz456)

    NEC manual switch fix.zip - 1 MB

    Manual switch faces are reversed.  This fixes that.

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    Containers 40 FT for Marias Pass

    Containers 40 FT for Marias Pass by Buzz Baxter (Buzz456) artwork by Xdriver

    Container_40ft.zip - 2 MB

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    Misc Weather Patterns

    Misc Weather Patterns by Zarker99

    ZA_weather_patterns_zip.zip - 267 kb

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    Light Fix for US Locos

    Light Fix for US Locos by Dave Dewhurst

    LightFix.rar - 115 KB

    When playing with some US locos After resuming a saved session you might find the cab and ditch lights are on on all engines without you doing it, This patch will stop that from happening.

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    Heavy Showers Weather pattern

    Heavy Showers Weather pattern by Zarker99

    Heavy_Showers.zip - 256 KB

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    RSBinTool 20130222

    RSBinTool 20130222 by Dan Vystrcil (PapaXpress) & Ben Laws (SteelIXB)

    RSBinTool_20130222.zip 65 KB

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    RS11 Templates

    RS11 Templates - by Mike (mdurdan) Durdan

    RS11-Templates-by-MDurdan.rar -  10.2 MB  -  RAR Format

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    Challenger Performance Upgrade

    Challenger Performance Upgrade - by Brennan (bpetit) Petit

    Challenger_Performance.zip -  13.8 KB

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    SD70i Texture Fix

    SD70i Texture Fix - by Mike (mdurdan) Durdan

    SD70i-75-75M_fix_all_package_from_MDurdan_fix.rar -  6.24 MB  -  RAR Format


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    GP38-2 White Numberboard Fix

    GP38-2 White Numberboard Fix - by Ted (moogman1978) Najzer

    GP38-2_White_Numberboar_Fix.rar -  581 KB  -  RAR Format

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    BNSF SD40-2 Color Correction

    BNSF SD40-2 Color Correction by Soren (Amtrack505) Lerma.

    BNSF_SD40-2_Color_Correction.zip 6.18 MB

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    SD40-2 Weathering Fix

    SD40-2 Weathering Fix by Soren (Amtrack505) Lerma.

    SD40-2_Weathering_Fix.zip 25.7 MB

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    Big Boy Performance Upgrade

    Big Boy Performance Upgrade by Brennan (bpetit) Petit.

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