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CP Train 200 part 1

TS 2019
Wednesday, 18 September 2019

CP Train 200 part 1 by   (Shawmut)

CPTrain200pt1.zip - 246 kb

CP Train 200 part 1. - a career scenario for the DTG/Milepost Simulations route "Canadian Mountain Passes."

This career scenario is a straight copy of the scenario found in your copy of Canadian Mountain Passes - with one exception. The default player consist, which uses a GE ES44AC and the default JL stock that comes with the route, has been replaced with Searchlight Simulations' GE AC4400CW and JointedRail (JR) stock. What remains, for example the AI and loose consists as well as the timing of both the AI and player consists, is the original work of Gary Dolzall (Elphaba), and I claim no originality here - it's all Gary's.

To install the scenario simply drag the "Content" folder into your Railworks folder; nothing should overwrite. In your Railworks The scenario will file directly under the default one - the only difference is the period at the end of "part 1." To run this you'll need the 64-bit version of Train Simulator 2019 as well as the following (note that the freightcars are freeware):

From Steam:

From Searchlight Simulations (https://www.store.searchlightsimulations.com)

This scenario is a classic "riding the yellows" type of scenario, with one exception: you will be traversing grades that vary from 1% to over 2%. This means that if you will have to deftly handle acceleration and braking. Fortunately, Mr. Newton would recognize the physics that the Searchlight stock uses, which means that you'll be able to predict what will happen which in turn makes your job easier.

The last grade where the scenario ends on Illecillewaet siding, is murderous and you must stop your train literally just a few feet from the signal itself in order to trigger the end of the scenario. If you stop *before* that point, you will find getting moving in a forward direction *extremely* tricky. I'm fairly sure that Gary put that in the scenario to make it challenging, but it most definitely can be done. It took me a few tries before I completed the scenario successfully (i.e. got 1000 points), but that's all part of the fun.

To get this success it is *not* necessary to speed. In fact, I found that keeping the speed of my train about 1-1.5 mph *lower* than track speed was all that was necessary to ensure a comfortable margin of timing leeway. So if track speed was, say, 35 mph, I'd keep the train at roughly 33.5. I also began braking about a mile away from a signal, using only the Minimum Reduction setting. If the signal was on a steep grade, I'd brake much later and, like a fighter pilot that trades altitude for energy, simply allow gravity and drag to dissipate the train's speed.

I hope you have fun with this scenario and with your Golden Beaver AC4400CW's! If you have any questions regarding the scenario please contact me via pm on http://railworksamerica.com/ ... my username is "Shawmut."

7 Sept.2019 

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Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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