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BLE Pre-release Scenario Set

TS 2018
Sunday, 25 February 2018
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BLE Pre-release Scenario Set by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

BLEScenarioSet.zip - 2 MB

Set of Standard Scenarios for the Bessemer & Lake Erie RR TS route

BLE Pre-Release Scenario Set
This package contains all of the scenarios developed by the G--TraX team for the Bessemer & Lake Erie Train Simulator route prior to its release through DTG and Steam.  These scenarios were deemed to be either too complex to be considered as a part of DTG publishing criteria and/or duplicative in part to other content to be included in the package.  All of these scenarios are Standard Type.
  Conneaut Lake Delivery - a shunting puzzle set at the Conneaut Lake village located on the Meadville Branch.

  Erie - Greenville Passenger Local Part 1 - Stopping passenger run starting on the Erie Branch -> Albion -> Greenville Shops making several stops along the way.  Featuring AI traffic.

  Erie - Greenville Passenger Local Part 2 - makes a tour of Greenville Shops featuring trips on the turntable and transfer table on the way from the storage yard to the erecting shop.

  Grove City Turn - freight run from Calvin Yard ( Butler PA ) to Grove City making 3 interchange stops along the route.  Consist set up is left to the player which can make the scenario highly challenging.

  Indianola Coal - a fairly short switching activity set between Ford Mine #3 and the Indianola siding.

  N. Bessemer In and Outbound Part 1 - delivery of an inbound gondola shipment to North Bessemer Yard and then service your loco, prior to departing northbound. 

  N. Bessemer In and Outbound Part 2 - after picking up a relief crew at McAbee flag stop, you will proceed northbound to Butler PA. making one special delivery.

  Winter Coal Storage - While Lake Erie freezes in the winter, lake shipping stops.  But Conneaut Harbor and Docks keeps accepting coal shipments for its stockpile.  This coal arrives frozen in the open gondolas.  Discover how the coal is unfrozen and unloaded.

  Unity Junction Evening - Coal from the Renton Mine is first moved to North Bessemer, a short distance south, prior to its shipment north.  Pick up a short load of loco grade coal from the mine and deliver it to the service area of North Bessemer Yard.

Installation :  Unzip the file BLEScenarios.zip in a convienient location, such as your desktop.
                       Open your Train Simulator folder.  Generally it will be found at C: Program Files (x86) / Steam / steamapps / common / Railworks /
                       Copy the folder "Contents" from the unzipped to your Train Simulator Folder.  If you have not changed the location ( and GUID ) of the Bessemer and Lake Erie route, this copy operation should insert the scenarios into their correct folder.
                        Restart Train Simulator, Select Drive, Standard.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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