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Challengers Issues on the Feather River

TS 2016
Saturday, 27 February 2016
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Challengers Issues on the Feather River by Jordan Smith (JordanBunny24)

Challenger_Issues_ Scenarios.zip - 804 kb

"Challenger Issues" is a multi-part scenario in a "work in progress" state, mainly focusing on the speical abilites of LUA scripting in Train Simulator

"Challenger Issues" is a multi-part scenario in a "work in progress" state, mainly focusing on the speical abilites of LUA scripting in Train Simulator. I will update this file as I add more parts.
*It's highly recomended to use the "F3" HUD, and the "F5" info text over using the "F4" HUD. The "F4" HUD might make the scenarios not work as intended!*
Part 1 isn't very speical as far as scripting goes, it's a simple 12 mile run.
- If using the "F3" HUD, or No HUD, to fire the loco you'll need to press "R" AND "F", even though there is no firebox visible in the cab. To stop firing press "SHIFT+R". Don't worry about the firebox, there is no tunnels in part 1.
- To water the loco, you'll need to press "I" or "O", then press "K". To stop watering, press "I" or "O" again, then "SHIFT+K"
Part 2 adds speical scripting to fix minor issues on the engine, the list of  changes are:
- The headlight turns off and on depending on the the reverser settings, it soves the headlight issue for the Challenger
- The firebox will close on it's own when the train approach a tunnel, it'll keep the firebox locked until it reaches the other end to prevent an unexpectant blow-back. The firebox will fully open allowing you to only have to use "R" for firing and not worry about the firebox
- When opening the Live or Exhasut Steam Injector, the Exhaust Injector will open along with it. 
The scenario so far starts in Oroville and only reaches up to around Pulga. Combined, the time it takes to complete is around 70 min.
- Feather River Canyon Route
- Challenger Pack
- Big Boy Pack
- Sherman Hill Route
- GP9 Pack
- DSGDDR's UP water tender from TrainSim.Com*
  *-To find the water tender, you frist need an account with TrainSim.com to download the file.  
  -After you log in, go to the "File Libray" Tab then press "Seach Files" on the scroll down.
  -On the "Search only file section" space, scroll down until you see "Railworks: RW Locomotives" click on it.
  -On the "Search for text" Space, type in "UP Tender"
  -Then press "Start Search" and it should be the only hit that comes up.
Planned Future DLCs (for part 3)
- GS-4 pack OR UP GP30 loco
Recommended but not needed
- The Challenger Physics Upgrade fround on Railworks America.com
How to install
- Locate your Train Simulator file.
i.e:  C:\Program Files\Train Simualator 2016
- Copy and extract the "Content" file from "Challenger_Issues_Scenarios.zip" to where your train simulator is.
- Start the game, and search for "Challenger Issues" click on the frist part and have fun! 
For more infomation of LUA scriptings there's some great infomation at the Train Sim Live Blog site
There's also a great vidio at this link
Extra notes:
These scenarios do not indend to be historically accurate.
There might be small typos and/or grammatical errors in the text, but I belived I fixed everything while testing. There is no game breaking bugs in the coding. I'll fix stuff like minor typos later.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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