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    West Highland Track Work

    West Highland Track Work by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

    WHTrkWrk.zip - 294 kb

    A scenario for the West Highland Extension Route

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    DMU Dawn Express - scenario for West Highland Ext.

    DMU Dawn Express - scenario for West Highland Ext. by Jim Friedland (Friedy)

    DMU_DawnExp.zip - 247 kb

    Scenario for West Highland Line Extension

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    Arlington & Lewiston RR - Ore Drop

    Arlington & Lewiston RR - Ore Drop by Josh Hall (jwtheiv)

    ALRR-JWH-001-OreDrop.zip - 450 kb

    Scenario for Arlington and Lewiston RR

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    RWA La Mirada Flip

    RWA La Mirada Flip by Howard Samarin (cnwfan)

    RWA_La_Mirada_Flip.zip - 500 kb

    A scenario for the Pacific Surfliner route.

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    Cajon Pass Observer

    Cajon Pass Observer by (bnsf101)

    Cajon Pass Observer.zip - 33kb

    An observer of the cajon pass on Barstow to San Bernardino.

    A free roam scenario, set in summer in clear weather.

    Driven loco is UPRR ES44AC.

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    CSX Coal Train Scenario for PLE Final

    CSX Coal Train Scenario for PLE Final by Matthew Onusz (sabreman61)

    CSX Coal Train.7z - 250 kb

    CSX Coal Train Scenario for PLE Final + Readme

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    3 Western Line Of Scotland Scenarios

    3 Western Line Of Scotland Scenarios by Robert J. Meek (robbit)

    3WLOSScenarios.zip - 1.2 MB

    There are 3 scenarios that I have uploaded to the workshop.  The only difference in these are that they must be played in order as one locks the other ahead of it and therefore you must have all 3 to work proper.  They are 3 shunting scenarios for the route and no additional DLC is required.

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    Dusseldorf Shunting Duties

    Dusseldorf Shunting Duties by Tom Pallen (OldProf)

    Dusselforf_Shunting_Duties.zip - 20 MB

    Shunting scenario for the Cologne-Dusseldorf route.  Requires additional DLC: see ReadMe file.

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    RWA-NEPA-BP-Kerri-2alt by Bill Peck

    RWA-NEPA-BP-Kerri-2alt.zip - 28 kb

    A scenario for the NERW PA Div route using RWA donationware and the RSC K4

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    RWA-NEPA-BP-Kerri-1 by Bill Peck

    RWA-NEPA-BP-Kerri-1.zip - 28 Kb

    A scenario for the NERW PA Div route using RWA donationware

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    RWA-SP-JWH-001 by jwiv

    RWA-SP-JWH-001.zip - 335 Kb

    A scenario for Stevens Pass using RWA donationware

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    RWA-PT-DH-001 by Dave Horton

    RWA-PT-DH-001.zip - 167 Kb

    A scenario for the Portland Terminal route using RWA Donationware

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    RWA_PT-JWS-01 by J. W. Stilwell

    RWA_PT-JWS-01.zip - 224 Kb

    A Portland Terminal scenario using RWA Donationware rolling stock

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    RWA-SP-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-SP-JMcE-001.zip - 89 Kb

    This is a freight run from Port Everett to Riverside of about 35 mins.

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    RWA-PT-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-PT-JMcE-001.zip - 101 Kb

    A scenario for Portland Terminal picking up and delivering freight.

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    RWA-SH-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-SH-JWH-001.7z - 109 Kb

    Yard work in Cheyenne Yard

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    RWA-NEPA-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-NEPA-JMcE-001.zip - 99 Kb

    Yard work at New Wadsworth with RWA equipment.

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    RWA-MP-JMcE-001 by John McEwen

    RWA-MP-JMcE-001.zip - 137 Kb

    Yard work at Conkelly Aluminium Plant.

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    RWA-SH-JWH-001 by John (jwiv)

    RWA-SH-JWH-001.7z - 473 Kb

    A scenario for Sherman Hill route. Break down a load of empty tankers amongst the various sidings of Wycon.

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    RWA - Kalispell Deliveries Pt. 2

    RWA - Kalispell Deliveries Pt. 2 by Rich Wade (NYWhiskey)

    RWA - Kalispell Deliveries Pt. 2.rar - 201 Kb

    Finish with your deliveries and pickups and return to Whitefish

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