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    GN 1964 EB Empire Builder Scenario

    GN 1964 EB Empire Builder Scenario by Michael Stephan (GreatNortherner)

    1964-EB-EmpireBuilder-TS14.zip - 560 Kb

    Run the Empire Builder all the way from Whietfish to Shelby. Set in 1964, has a very tight schedule. This is an updated re-release of this scenario for TS2014 and Dick Cowen's new GN sets.

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    GN 1960 Essex Pit Scenario

    GN 1960 Essex Pit Scenario by Michael Stephan (GreatNortherner)

    1960-EssexPit-TS14.zip - 458 Kb

    Take an empty ballast train from Whitefish to Essex. Return with loaded cars. This is an updated re-release of this scenario for TS2014 and Dick Cowen's new GN sets.

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    Washington Apples: Marias Pass

    Washington Apples: Marias Pass by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Washington-Apples_Marias-Pass.7z - 308 Kb

    A scenario for the Marias Pass

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    Washington-Apples_Bitterroot-Sunrise by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Washington-Apples_Bitterroot-Sunrise.7z - 327 Kb

    A scenario for the Maris Pass.

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    R.J. Corman

    R.J. Corman by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    RJ_Corman.7z - 353 Kb

    A scenario for Allaboard's Ohio Steel II

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    Empty Run

    Empty Run by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Empty_Run.7z - 443 Kb 

    A scenario for the Maris Pass

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    1964 Empire Builder Scenario

    1964 Empire Builder Scenario by Michael Stephan (GreatNortherner)

    1964-EB-EmpireBuilder.zip - 963 Kb

    Take the eastbound Empire Builder from  Whitefish to Shelby. Based on a 1966  timetable and mid-60s consist information. 4 hours / challenging (tight timetable).

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    Trimming Okie Oil

    Trimming Okie Oil by Donald Breese (bluelight)

    Trimming-Okie-Oil.7z - 246 Kb

    A scenario for Allaboard's Fort Smith to Heavener Route

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    Colorado Eagle

    Colorado Eagle by Donald Breese (Bluelight)

    Colorado_Eagle.7z - 584 Kb

    A scenario for the Tennessee Pass 2

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    Green Coal

    Green Coal by Jerret Puchailo (thecanadianrail)

    Green Coal Scenario.zip - 407 Kb

    Scenario for Marias Pass

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    Murphy's Law

    Murphy's Law by Arnold Andressen (ATSF3814)

    Murphys_Law.7z - 1.2 MB

    Scenario for the Marias Pass route

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    Mojave Subdivision

    Mojave Subdivision by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Mojave_Subdivision.7z - 542 Kb

    Scenario for Putnam-bsb-mojave-trona

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    Craven Run

    Craven Run by (Zarker) No real name given

    Craven run.zip - 1 MB

    Scenario for Totham route. Take a class 105 for a repaint.

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    Dock Run

    Dock Run by (Zarker) No real name given

    dock run.zip - 802 Kb

    Using the class 33, exchange empty wagons for loaded ones at the docks, then take them to the distribution center.

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    Ultimate NEC Scenario Collection

    Ultimate NEC Scenario Collection by Alexander Morales (9of13)

    Ultimate NEC Scenario Collection.zip - 1.5 MB

    Passenger scenarios for the NEC featuring reskined equipment found in Ultimate NEC Reskin Collection

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    Mitsubishi Cement

    Mitsubishi Cement by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Mitsubishi Cement.7z - 597 Kb

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    Moving Empties

    Moving Empties by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Moving Empties.7z - 688 kb

    Scenario for Putnam-bsb-mojave-trona

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    Soda Ash

    Soda Ash by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Soda_Ash.7z - 787 kb

    Scenario For Putnam-bsb-mojave-trona

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    Aggregate Delivery

    Aggregate Delivery by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Aggregate_Delivery.7z - 485 KB

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    Morning Wood

    Morning Wood by Donald Breese (Blue Light)

    Morning_Wood.7z - 457 KB

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