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O'Dell County Traction Company

TS 2016
Sunday, 07 February 2016
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O'Dell County Traction Company by Zachary Ehlers (nsl714)

ODell_County_Traction_V1.zip - 191 MB

Based on a Model Railroader layout

O'Dell County Traction Company: A small traction themed route for TS2016.
The O'Dell County Traction Company is based on a Model Railroader project railroad by the same name from 1988 and 1989. The original was a 3.5x6 ft HO twisted dogbone traction layout set in the 1920's. There are a number of industries to serve, a freight interchange, and a few passenger stops. This route tries to emulate the orignal to the degree possible in TS2016. Please note that due to the curvature, some rolling stock may not cooperate. I have found that 40 and 50 ft cars work alright.
To install, simply extract the .rwp's (first the Assets, then the Route) with the TS Package Manager. A number of assets have been included, but the following will need to be downloaded separately.
US Asset Pack -or- prior ownership of Train Simulator 2012 or older.
APStationPack (not available anymore, but packaged with a number of DLC routes on Steam. Examples include: Falmouth Branch, Doncaster Works, Woodhead, Western Lines of Scotland, Settle and Carlisle, Portsmouth Direct, North East Corridor, and WCML North.)
Scale Rail and Scale Road (Freeware versions)
http://www.3dtrains.com/forums/ (Account required)

Railworks America:
Railworks Community Asset Pack


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupes - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=1778:1957-chevrolet-bel-air-coupes&catid=22:models
Harley Davidson Bikes - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=1634:harley-davidson-bikes&catid=22:models
Chevrolet Master Automobiles - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=1171:chevrolet-master-automobiles&catid=22:models
1930's Vehicles V-1 - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=62:1930-s-vehicles-v-1&catid=22:models
1930's Vehicles V-2 - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=63:1930-s-vehicles-v-2&catid=22:models
Downtown Buildings Mega Pack - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=65:downtown-buildings-mega-pack&catid=22:models
Retro Buildings V1 - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/models?view=document&;id=2051:retro-buildings-v1&catid=22:models

Golden Age of Railroading:
Girder Bridge Set

Ryo's Tram Tracks: http://www.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=21191

To use the included freeroam activity, the following are required:

Railworks America:
PCC Streetcar by Richard Scott - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&;id=641:pcc-streetcar&catid=18:engine-repaints
Alco S2 by Dogmouse - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&;id=1961:alco-s2&catid=18:engine-repaints
S2 Repaint Pack 3 by Michael Calvin - http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&;id=2024:alco-s2-repaints-pack-3&catid=18:engine-repaints

Golden Age of Railroading:
CB&Q SD7 - http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packsrw/emdsd9cbq.html

Reefer 40t Steel CBQ - http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packsle ... eefer.html
Milwaukee Boxcars - http://www.golden-age-rails.com/packsle ... w-ps1.html
Route Construction by Zachary Ehlers, 2016.
Various special assets created by Johnathan Burton Peters Jr, and mrbob19. They are included in this archive with permission.
Special Thanks to Bruce Goehmann for creating the original layout, providing inspiration for this project.
This route is provided as is, with all faults, and without warranty. The author accepts no liability for any adverse effects it has on the user's computer. No portion of this archive may be redistrubuted without permission. This route is freeware, and shall remain as such.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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