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Arlington & Lewistown RR v1.3

TS 2016
Saturday, 26 September 2015
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Arlington & Lewistown RR v1.3 by Benjamin Lewis (AdmiralLeviathan)

ALRR13.zip - 21 MB

A fictional, 25-odd mile route set in the rough area of the Salton Sea, updated to version 1.3



1. Extract the included .rwp file to your desktop or folder of choice.
2. Open the TS2014 utilities and click on the "Package Manager" tab
3. Press "Install" and navigate to where the .rwp was extracted to.
4. The package manager should install the .rwp. That should be it!

NOTE: This version of the route will OVERWRITE the existing ALRR routes. Please note that this may cause some user-created scenarios to break.
Always keep backups!

You should not need the original routes in order for this to work.

-Pacific Surfliner - Steam
-Default US/EU content; if you purchased the game before TS2013, you have this by default. If you purchased the game during or
after TS2013, you need to buy both content packs from Steam

-The RWA Donationware route (RWA Lakeside) - Railworks America
-AP Station Asset Pack - Steam

-RCAP (Railworks Community Asset Pack) - Railworks America
-Douglas DC-4 Aircraft - RWA
-Oil Pumper - Panamint Crossing Site
-Desert Plants Pack 1 - RWA
-Modern Windmills - RWA


In order to run the introductory scenario, you need these two free repaints from Railworks America;
-SP SD40 Pack by Amtrack505
-ATSF SD40-2 Re-Paint by ATSF3814

That should be it, if I missed something it's probably not critical to run the route.

-1.3 Current Version
-1.0 First version

-Once again improved desert vegetation and detail using freeware content
-Track changes accross the route, notably at Lewistown
-Replaced all modern-type signals with older searchlight type signals
-Changed Quickdrive route picture

-West Mesa Oil Company branchline on the western shore of the Starlight Sea
-South City branchline south of Arlington

Q. May I repaint locomotives/rollingstock into the ALRR paint scheme?
A. Yes! You have my permission to paint anything you want into either of the ALRR paints.

Q. May I make X/Y/Z modifications to this route?
A. Yes! However, please do not upload these changes without my permission.

Q. May I make scenarios for this route and upload them to the file libary?
A. Yes! You are allowed to freely upload these without my permission, just so long as you don't upload the route with them.

Q. Am I allowed to make videos/screenshots/reviews of your route?
A. Yes! You are allowed to do whatever just so long as I'm given credit.

Q. Do you plan to update this route further?
A. Yes! As time goes on I may get new ideas for new sections, activities, etc. This version is only one of many versions to come.

Q. Will you make a Workshop version?
A. Probably not. If I were to make a workshop version, this route would need to be reworked and would be quite watered-down detail wise. I'd like to stick to RWA for now.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please send me a PM on Railworks America, username "AdmiralLeviathan".

I am not responsible for any damage this file might cause to your machine.
This file is not to be redistributed without my permission. If you see this file being resold for profit or uploaded to any site other than Railworks America please contact me.


Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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