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Saturday, 05 October 2019
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Lo-Poly Mod by Christopher (IronCat60)

Lo-Poly Mod.rar - 3.2 MB

Repaints of the original Lo-Poly by Golden Age of Railroading

These LoPoly Rail Cars are reskins of the Low-Poly_Yard-Filler-Cars available at Golden Age of Railroading. The original idea and models are the work of the wonderfully talented, hard working, and plays well with others, Michael Stephan! All credit goes to him for these great models. Thank you sir!
The main idea and purpose of this project was to have generic unmarked cars for scenery that fits into any railroad. Just like the original models these are intended for the eras from steam-diesel to modern diesel era.
You will need to have the original files installed in your game as there is several GeoPcDx files to copy over into the directories of these reskin cars. (http://www.stephan-michael.de/railsim/packsrw/yardfill.html).
Feel free to reskin to your taste. But please, be honest and just enjoy these great models. DO NOT USE FOR PERSONAL PROFIT.
Disclaimer: These files have been scanned for known malicious content. However that doesn't ensure total security as these files go through several diffrent servers before reaching your pc. Therefore the original author and myself cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your pc. There is things beyond our control. Such as if con is the opposite of pro. And we have progress, then what does that indicate about congress? ;-)
-------------DO NOT USE FOR PROFIT!--------------------------DO NOT USE FOR PROFIT!-------------Pirates will be prosecuted---------------
•Model information
These are Low Poly models. Details like roof walk-ways, and on the majority of them, no brake hand-wheel. It is basically a low detail model with graphics. I went through and and removed road names from all cars and recolored most of them. Added ladders, grab irons, where there was none. Applied common markings like car info and other lettering found on cars to dress them up a bit more. The color schemes for all models repeats randomly.
Now there is some normal operating and interactive parts on these models. The truck assemblies and the couplers. These cars will couple to normal cars and locomotives. The basic physics are listed in the bin file but there is no sound added to these cars. For the open cars there is no external representation of loads.
There is a selection of 40ft boxcars that reflect the earlier era: z Lo-Poly Boxcar 40ft-A, z Lo-Poly Boxcar 40ft-B, z Lo-Poly Boxcar 40ft-C.
40ft-A and 40ft-B share the same texture folder but there is cars unique to each selection. 40ft-C has its own textures.
There is a selection of 50ft boxcars that represent the modern era. z Lo-Poly Boxcar 50ft-A and z Lo-Poly Boxcar 50ft-B.
50ft-A and 50ft-B share the same texture folder but there is cars unique to each selection.
There is a selection of 50ft gondolas and open hoppers. z Lo-Poly Gondola 50ft. z Lo-Poly Hoppers 55t (55ton). z Lo-Poly Hoppers 70t (70ton).
The gondolas and hoppers all share five basic textures, I picked one style that fits them all and added five different color to that style. It gives them a basic worn and weathered look.
•Initial Installation
Use the Utility Manager and install the original "Low-poly_RW3.rwp". It will install to Assets\GreatNortherner\GNRy\RailVehicles\Freight\Lo-Poly\.
Now use the Utility Manager and install the "Low-poly_Mod.rwp". It will install to Assets\GreatNortherner\GNRy\RailVehicles\Freight\Lo-Poly\ as well. There is no conflict with the original and the mod. Each rwp has its own seperate, different named, Lo-Poly sub-folders it installs to.
Now take a moment and familarize yourself with the different folders as you will be transfering files between them.
For the original, from Lo-Poly there is the seperate folders of: Lo-Poly\Box, Lo-Poly\Box40, Lo-Poly\Box40-West, and Lo-Poly\Gon50.
For the mod, from Lo-Poly there is the seperate folders of: Lo-Poly\Boxcar 40-A-B, Lo-Poly\Boxcar 40-C, Lo-Poly\Boxcar 50ft, and Lo-Poly\Gon-Hop.
•File copy and paste
Now while some of these GeoPcDX's have a similar title as the one before it, it is a seperate file with its own unique information. Ensure that the proper file gets into the proper folder
From the Lo-Poly\Box40 folder find and copy the lo-poly-box40.GeoPcDx. Paste this file in the Lo-Poly\Boxcar 40-A-B folder.
From the Lo-Poly\Box40-West folder find and copy the lo-poly-box40.GeoPcDx. Paste this file in the Lo-Poly\Boxcar 40-C folder.
From the Lo-Poly\Box folder find and copy the lo-poly-box50.GeoPcDx. Paste this file in the Lo-Poly\Boxcar 50ft folder.
From the Lo-Poly\Gon50 folder find and copy the lo-poly-gon50.GeoPcDx, lo-poly-hop55.GeoPcDx, and lo-poly-hop70.GeoPcDx. Paste these files in the Lo-Poly\Gon-Hop folder.
•That's it
Enjoy the new varitey of cars and I encourage keeping the originals installed as it adds more variety.
Good rails and Clear Aspects,
Christopher    IronCat60


Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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