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Fictitious Adriana County 4 chute hoppers

TS 2016
Saturday, 07 May 2016
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Fictitious Adriana County 4 chute hoppers by Steven D. Myers (tagsdm)

ACDX_4Chute.zip - 10.6 MB

4 pack of Adriana County 4 chute hoppers

Adriana County 4-bay hopper repaint pack by tagsdm
Included are 4 hopper repaints of the 4-chute hopper that is part of the Sherman Hill route. They are lettered for the freelanced Adriana County route by LtBligh, available at the Steam Workshop. If you don't have this route you're missing a wonderful modern-era railroading experience. Markings are fictional, as is the route itself, and are designed to show slight variations in style over time, and varying degrees of weathering. Intened for use on the Adriana County route, they can be used in interchange wherever there is grain activity. Autonumbering is used.
!!!You must own the Sherman Hill Route available from Steam to use this hopper pack!!!
If you have a full install of TS2016 then you should have Sherman Hill anyway, as the route is included with TS2016, full install. You shouldn't have to purchase anything in that event. If you do not have a full install, you'd have to purchase the route seperately.
To install this repaint pack, extract the ACDX_4Chute.rwp to a convenient location for you (like your desktop) and install using the Package Manager utility located in your Railworks main folder. You should find 4 new folders in ...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes after installing. They are...
Now the file copying...
Navigate to your ...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes\Default folder and copy the hopper_4chutes.GeoPcDx file. Then
Navigate to your ...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes\ACDX1 folder and paste the hopper_4chutes.GeoPcDx file there.
Paste the same hopper_4chutes.GeoPcDx file into the....
...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes\ACDX2 folder, the
...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes\ACDX3 folder, and the
...Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\RailVehicles\Freight\Hopper_4chutes\ACDX4 folder.
That should do it!
To use in a scenario, be sure RSC and Sherman Hill are checked in the editor. You should find 4 new entries in the rolling stock flyout on the left. They are...
SH ACDX1 Hopper4 chute
SH ACDX2 Hopper4 chute
SH ACDX3 Hopper4 chute
SH ACDX4 Hopper4 chute
Just select one or more to build your consist and off you go.

All credit for the model and original textures goes to RSC and it's associates and developers. I did only the repaints.
Neither I nor the original builders of the model will accept any responsibility for any damage, real or imagined, to your system by using these files. There shouldn't be any, though. Hope you enjoy!

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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