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Rolling Stock Repaints


Rolling Stock Repaints


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    CSX_Cement_Hopper by Harry R. Adkins (harryadkins)

    CSX_Cement_Hopper.7z - 2.4 MB

    This model is a CSX reskin of the default Kuju Cement Hopper

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    ATSF Cement Hopper

    ATSF Cement Hopper by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    ATSF_Cement_Hopper.7z - 2.7 MB

    This model is an ATSF reskin of the default Kuju Cement Hopper

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    MRL WV Caboose

    MRL WV Caboose by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    MRL_WV_Caboose.7z - 3.5 MB

    This model is a Montana Rail Link reskin of the default Kuju Wide Vision Caboose

    UPDATED: June 16, 2018

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    Northern Pacific (NP) 40ft Boxcar Re-Paints

    Northern Pacific (NP) 40ft Boxcar Re-Paints by Michael (GreatNortherner) Stephan.

    Boxcars_NP.zip 2.33 MB

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    FMC Boxcars CMRR Set1

    FMC Boxcars CMRR Set1 by Phil Moberg Jr. (philmoberg)


    Classic Model Railroads Set 1

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    SPMW Crew Car

    SPMW Crew Car by Buzz Baxter (Buzz456)

    SPMW Crew Car.zip - 1.7 MB

    G-Trax sleeper converted to SoPac crew car for plowing crews

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    NERW Classic LW passenger cars

    NERW Classic LW passenger cars by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    These models are classic North Eastern Rail Works reskins of the freeware G-TraX 4-Pack Lightweight Passenger Cars.  The G-TraX pack is available in the Railworks America file library.

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    KCS Hazmat Training Tank Car

    Hazmat Training Tank Car by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    This model is a Kansas City Southern Hazmat Training Link reskin of the default Kuju Tank Car. 


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    FMC Boxcars Dixie IPD Set

    FMC Boxcars Dixie IPD Set by Phil Moberg Jr. (philmoberg)

    FMC_Boxcars_Dixie_IPD_Set.7z - 11.4 MB

    Nine reskins of Maine Lines' FMC Plate C boxcar for eight railroads in the South

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    NERW Classic HW

    NERW Classic HW by Harry R. Adkins (harryadkins)

    NERW_Classic_HW.7z - 3 MB

    These models are reskins of Michael Stephan's New York Central Heavyweight Passenger Cars

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    CPRR Flatcar Retexture

    CPRR Flatcar Retexture by Daniel Gollery (trainboi1)

    CP_Flats.7z - 5.2 MB

    Retextures of the CP flatcars into Mineral with white letters

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    SP Woodchip

    SP Woodchip by Harry R. Adkins (harryadkins)

    SP_Woodchip.7z - 1.6 MB

    This model is a Southern Pacific reskin of Michael Stephan's Woodchip Gondolas

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    UTLX and TILX Tank Cars

    UTLX and TILX Tank Cars by Martin Ashwill (thegevo5k)

    TankCars.rar - 2.6 MB

    Two repaints of the Kuju tank car with 4K textures

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    Amtrak Phase IV Superliners

    Amtrak Phase IV Superliners by ET44C4

    Amtrak phase IV Superliners for the RSC P42DC DLC.

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    SSRR El Dorado

    SSRR El Dorado by Matt Blackburn (CArailroader)

    SSRR El Dorado.zip - 1.8 MB

    This is a Sacramento Southern repaint of the heavyweight AC observation car from Britkits by Dick Cowen

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    SSRR Coach

    SSRR Coach by Matt Bkachburn (CArailroader)

    SSRR Coach.zip - 5 MB

    UPDATED: 3/20/18 - These are Sacramento Southern repaints of the NYC two tone grey coaches by Golden Age of Rail. Included are the 2170 and 2175 as well as the MKT 642 which is statically numbered

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    FMC Boxcars RWA Set 1

    FMC Boxcars RWA Set 1 by Phil Moberg Jr. (philmoberg)

    FMC 50ft Boxcars in two RW&A liveries.

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    DODX Military FlatCar

    DODX Military FlatCar by Brayton Gould (St. Lawrence Rail Productions)

    This is one of my first creations for RailWorks. I have more projects in development as we speak and will probably continue sharing what I have done for a while to come! This DOES REQUIRE the TS Rewards - FlatCar, which was assentially a Military flat car with some loads. This only replaces the Main1.TgPcDx file in the textures to have a DODX tag, but it does have a more realistic feel when using it compaired to the old plain version. Hope you enjoy!

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    L&N Heavyweight Passenger

    L&N Heavyweight Passenger by Harry Adkins (harryadkins)

    LN_Heavyweight_Passenger.7z - 2.8 MB

    This package includes a set of Louisville & Nashville RR heavyweight passenger car reskins for Dick Cowan's Britkits heavyweight passenger cars

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    SWS Billboard Boxcar

    SWS Billboard Boxcar by Bernard Lafargue (QcRail)

    SWS_NG_Billboard_Boxcar.zip - 6.7 MB

    SWS standard billboard-boxcar

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