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GE44T Bergen Pack

TS 2019
Saturday, 22 December 2018

GE44T Bergen Pack by Rudi Jaeger (RudiJaeger)

GE44T_Bergen_Pack.zip - 52 MB

Repaints for the DTM BM 44 Tonner

GE44T Bergen Pack; 22 DEC 2018.
Repaints by Rudi Jaeger, for the Digital Train Model (DTM) payware Boston & Maine GE 44 Ton Switcher available from the Steam Store. Credits to the original developers for providing the textures which served as the foundation for these repaints.
Repaints of two GE 44 Ton switchers (Erie No.26 and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western No.53) in schemes spanning their service with the Erie, Lackawanna, Erie Lackawanna, and Harlem Transfer Company (No.53 only). They were assigned at various times to the vicinity of Halem Station, NY. These repaints will work on any route, but they are primarily intended to support operations on the New York Division - Bergen Line, an exceptional freeware route which is available from the Steam Workshop. Credits to "The Minermen" for authoring the route which inspired these repaints.
Erie #26, Serial 28504, was built in September 1946 and was the only GE 44 Tonner purchased by the Erie; it was assigned to the Harlem Station Facility in 1968 as a Erie Lackawanna unit. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western owned three GE 44 Tonners, numbers 51, 52, and 53; due to the non-distinctive colors of these locomotives (other than static road numbers), number 53 is the only original Lackawanna unit featured in this pack, as it went on to wear three different road-names during it's regional service.
Additional information regarding the Erie Railroad Harlem Station facility can be found here: http://members.trainweb.com/bedt/indloco/errhs.html
Installation: This will be a non-standard installation, in that it consists of 2 Assets-folder transfers; the first being a set of empty folders for copying existing loco files into each repaint's folder; and a second Assets-folder that contains only the necessary files for the repaints, which will then over-write the corresponding copies.

1. Ensure you have already installed the DTM Boston & Maine GE 44 Ton Switcher.

2. Transfer the Assets folder (from the "Install Step 01" folder in this zip file) into your main Railworks folder. Note: There are no requirements to overwrite anything yet.

3. Navigate to: Railworks/Assets/DTM/GE44Ton-B&M/RailVehicles/Boston and Maine; and copy all the contained folders (Bogies, CabView, Engine, Simulation) into each fo the freshly installed repaint folders (DLW_53, EL_26, EL_53, Erie, HTC_53).

4. Transfer the Assets folder (from the "Install Step 02" folder in this zip file) into your main Railworks folder, and allow to overwrite the existing files (the copies from previous step-3) when prompted.

~ Mission complete.
When using the scenario builder, be sure to select "DTM" then check the box for "GE44Ton-B&M" from the right-side flyout panel. Locomotive will display in the scenario builder's "selected" assets menu (left-side flyout) for example, "GE 44 Ton Erie", and so on; non-driver versions are listed with the suffix "ND".
Disclaimer: These files are for your personal enjoyment and are not to be redistributed. This product shall remain freeware and is to be hosted exclusively by Railworks America. I am not responsible for any issues you may encounter after downloading the file; it is your responsibilty to follow the installation instructions to achieve a correct setup. If you experience any difficulties with the installation, please contact me at Railworks America, or seek guidance in the forum; there is also plenty of useful information available from the search function - please try that method first. Thanks!

I hope you will enjoy your new 44 Tonners on the Bergen Line. ~ Rudi

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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