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ATSF F45 Enhanced

TS 2018
Sunday, 28 January 2018
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ATSF F45 Enhanced by Jorge Alsina (jalsina)

ATSF_F45_enhanced.zip - 118 MB

ATSF_F45_enhanced_ReadMe.zip - 2 kb

Enhanced ATSF F45 with Searchlight Simulations EMD 20-645E3

UPDATED February 2, 2018 - New Readme file

I appreciate your interest in this Railworks America library download.

This file is a Searchlight Simulations EMD 20-645E3 enhancement for eight locomotives of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railways F45 repaints, by ET44C4 (great job!). Four units are from his ET44C4 Warbonnets download and another four are from the Bluebonnets. It also includes some additional improvement features.

In order for this package to work, it is required you have purchased two payware packs:

1) EMD F45 DLC by DTG
This package has been recently wrapped up by DTG along other BNSF/BN locomotives and is being sold in Steam as the "Train Simulator: BNSF Locomotive Pack Add-On":

2)  Searchlight Simulations EMD 20-645E3 - Sound Enhancement Pack (F45):

This pack is self-sufficient and can be downloaded either if you have the ET44C4 repaints installed or not.
The enhanced locos will display in the Build World Editor with an "e" at the end of the name (as for example ATSF_92e) and will be found in the Assets RSC\F45Pack01 folder.

FEATURES included in this enhancement

1) Excellent repaints for the ATSF F45 (or FP45 as designed by ATSF) by ET44C4. They changed my work for good after his numbers fix was released.
2) Full 20-645E3 Enhancement by Searchlight Simulations (very nicely done). One of the Montana Rail Link (MRL) locomotives repaints has been used as the basic engine bin, with some of the lights children deleted to comply with the ATSF.
3) Nose Light and upper headlight plate children from the MRL locos repaints. These children and their repainted textures will be located in the Jalsina\ATSFchild folder.
4) Conductor added to all crewed locos (from the Kuju\Railsimulator files).
5) Enhanced No-Drive (ND) versions for all eight converted locomotives.

In order to install this download, do the following:
1) Extract the zip contents to a folder of your choice.
2) Install the rwp with Utilities.exe.
3) Install all the required GeoPcDx files as follows:

- Engine
Navigate to ...\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\F45Pack01\F45Pack01Assets.ap\RailVehicles\Diesel\F45BN\Engine
Copy the f45_BN.GeoPcDx  and paste it to all eight ...ATSF_xxXXe/Engine folders.
(For example: ...\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\F45Pack01\F45Pack01Assets.ap\RailVehicles\Diesel\ATSF_90e\Engine)

Navigate to ...\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\F45Pack01\F45Pack01Assets.ap\RailVehicles\Diesel\F45BN\CabView
Copy the f45_cab.GeoPcDx  and paste it to all eight ...ATSF_xxXXe/CabView folders.
(For example: ...\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\F45Pack01\F45Pack01Assets.ap\RailVehicles\Diesel\ATSF_90e\CabView)

-Searchlight Simulations
Navigate to this MLWAudio folder:  ...\RailWorks\Assets\MLWAudio\20-645E3\45 Series\Enhancement\Lights\Headlights
Copy the two Geo´s:  Headlight.GeoPcDx and Headlight_Plate.GeoPcDx
Paste them in these two folders:

To use these engines you need to go to the Build World Editor and be sure the following four assets are enabled for your route or scenario (checked them in the right side inset roster using the left side blue little cube):

RSC >>>F45 ------------(engines)
MLWAudio>>> 20-645E3 ------------(Searchlight Simulations enhancement)
Jalsina >>>ATSFchild -------------(noselight)
Kuju>>>Railsimulator -------------(conductor)

Enabling assets can be done either in the Route or at Scenario level. I prefer using the Route method (they get registered in their RouteProperties.xml).


-The engine names do not appear in the Loco roster of the Editor:
Have you enabled the F45Pack1 folder in your scenario or route? Have you installed the RWP file?
-I do not hear the sounds enhancement or do not see the headlight flares: Have you enabled the MLWAudio 20-645E3 asset? Do you have the Headlight flares ticked in the TS2018 Settings Graphics? Have you assembled a consist with other locos that are not converted (enhanced) by one of the Searchlight Simulations / MLWAudio enhancements?
-The noselights or upper covers do not show up:  Have you copy pasted the MLWAudio Geo´s? Have you enabled Jalsina>>>ATSFchild?
-The conductor is not visible?: Be sure to enable the Kuju>>>Railsimulator asset.
-The locos do not show up in the editor? Check if you have installed either the engine or the cab Geo´s
-You do not find the f45_BN.GeoPcDx file?: Open the .AP file using 7Z or similar program and navigate the path above mentioned.

ET44C4 and Searchlight Simulations receive all the credits for this F45 conversion.
I understand Buzz Baxter has contributed with the textures of the ATSF numbers fix.
Thanks to all of you.

My work has been playing with xml code, reorganizing folders and repainting a few textures.
I have to specially thank ET44C4 for supporting me for days, during the process of converting his repaints.

This package cannot be uploaded to any other site than RWA.

Thank you for installing these enhanced engine repaints.
If you need to ask some questions or find a bug, you know you can find me in the forum.

Jalsina (Railworks) - Jorge Alsina

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


DTG's Required Disclaimer

"IMPORTANT NOTICE. Everything on this site is user generated content designed for use with RailSimulator.com Limited’s train simulation products, including RailWorks 4: Train Simulator 2013, Train Simulator 2014 and Train Simulator 2015. RailSimulator.com Limited does not approve or endorse this user generated content and does not accept any liability or responsibility regarding it.

This user generated content has not been screened or tested by RailSimulator.com Limited. Accordingly, it may adversely affect your use of RailSimulator.com’s products. If you install this user generated content and it infringes the rules regarding user-generated content, RailSimulator.com Limited may choose to discontinue any support for that product which they may otherwise have provided.

The RailWorks EULA sets out in detail how user generated content may be used, which you can review further here: www.railsimulator.com/terms. In particular, this user generated content includes work which remains the intellectual property of RailSimulator.com Limited and which may not be rented, leased, sub-licensed, modified, adapted,copied, reproduced or redistributed without the permission of RailSimulator.com Limited."


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